Scratch Wiki History

JCTSteve has started contributing with the Scratch Wiki from the 14th November 2016. Since this post was made right on the day he has joined, there is no history.

What he does

JCTSteve mainly clicks the button Random Page and edits random Wikis that clearly have no care or knowledge.

Don't click away please

Please; do not click away; I was only having fun and I can be informal here because this is my page, right?

Why I actually took the time on working on this post

Simple question: That's just because I don't have any space on my profile to introduce myself!

Just interested

Although I'm not the most keen on trying new things, I was inspired by many Scratchers who have been contributing in the Wiki.

Fixing-up posts

There are MANY posts out there floating that just need to fix. Although I gave examples at my application, I decide not to due to the fact on the rules about the Wiki. Ah, also, I'm just too lazy to add proof so someone please edit this; I'm going to add a big huge "Citation needed" thingy.[citation needed]

Help the strugglers

Are you a "struggler"? Well I was before. There were just so many unanswered questions like "How do I become a Scratcher?" and so on. I have surfed the Forums and Wiki, yet my question was not answered. Eventually, I didn't realize but I was a Scratcher for no reason; I mean, I was just doing what I was doing and I became on, which is weird.

So there; after one and a half years I finally became a Scratcher


That was very idiotic. I have had even more unanswered questions. I also predict that the majority of others think like this, which is why I want to make more posts and edit things!