I am ItchyCatIII (I come from a long line of itchy cats). I am here to make the Wiki great, and I hope you enjoy this about me!

My experience on Scratch

I have only been here for five months (OK, it has been much longer, but I don't feel like editing this page :P), but I began using the offline Scratch three years ago. At first, I didn't even realize that there were scripts there! Then, in just a few months, I went from that point to making wonderful games. Now, Scratch is one of my favorite hobbies, and I am much better at understanding scripts.

My experience with Scratch Wiki

My experience with the Scratch Wiki is not much, as I have only been here for a short while. However, in this short while, I have corrected grammar, made suggestions, and written this.

Currently, Wikipedia is one of the websites that I use most often, and I have used that for a long time.

What I will do here

I plan to make this wiki great! In order to do this, I will fix grammar mistakes, make new articles to give information about a topic that isn't here, and help improve current articles!

I will also be making sure that every article here follows the guidelines. I hope that my contributions are helpful!

What I do outside of Scratch

Outside of Scratch, I enjoy doing many things. Although Scratch is one of my major hobbies, I am also learning other languages of coding.

I have created many games outside of Scratch, including a 2048 game (not the original, I just changed the pictures).

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