Hi guys! I'm @inventortolu! And I only just recently joined the wiki this summer, but I've started to make contributions that I hope will help others! :D

I'm not only on the wiki!

You can visit my main Scratch Profile: @inventortolu

Noteable Things I do on Scratch

I've done a few platformers like The Lil Ball Series and A Dave TDS Escape Platformer

I also like to share music on Scratch, particularly using two of my other accounts: @Cymbal Music and @DavidThePeaOfficial


Dave is my well-known Scratch Character, ultimate @inventortolu mascot, and the flicker of light at the start of my Scratch Journey. The most popular Dave Animations I've done are by that of The Dave TDS Series, an ongoing animation series, that is currently in Season 3! :D

Other Things Dave include: The Dave Channel, Dave TDS Specials And: The Dave Button

Wanna Know More?

My Website is my blog, where I repeatedly log - on my activity on Scratch.

Please Like and Favourite Projects, and Follow!

I'd really apreciate it if I could extend my fan - club of 280+ Followers and soon hit 500 one day! Thanks!
Inventortolu (talk | contribs) 12:23, 28 August 2020 (UTC)