Hi! My name is Illusion705! I've been on Scratch since November of 2016. I have had several accounts. I'm obviously a Scratch Wiki editor. If you want to stop by and say hi, you can do so on my profile or on my talk page.

About Me

Here's a couple things about me...

  • I am a SDS Curator
  • I am a SWC Curator
  • I'm a Scratch Camp Counselor 2020
  • I love cats
  • I enjoy making origami
  • I'm 14
  • I'm American
  • I'm male
  • I love acting
  • I love math, science, and coding

Well, that's about it!

Thanks for stopping by to look at my user page! Remember that you can always contact me on my profile or on my talk page. Have a great day :D