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About Me

I live in the U.S., and my favorite subject is science. My favorite color is
I like uni-pegi-kitties (unicorn-pegasus-cat) and raspberries, frosted animal crackers, and that salad I had with dinner last night. I also love drawing stickmen and over the summer I'm working on "The Big Book of Stickmen," which is like an encyclopedia for my stickman universe. I like using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animator (formerly Adobe Flash). My scratch account is honeyr2 and my secondary account is Cuped Cake.


- Grammar Police

- General of the Stickman Army

- Scratcher

- Minecrafter

- Redstone Engineer

- Digital Animator

- Happiness Enthusiast

- Awesome

Bet You Didn't Know

1. Everything can be traced back to nature (the sun or a rock/mineral).

2. Octopi have 8 brains - one for each tentacle. So the tentacles literally have "a mind of it's own"!

3. Outside, you are rarely more than 6 feet away from a spider.

4. Your right lung is bigger than your left lung.

Scratch Block Colors

Do you know all of the Scratch block colors? Well, here they are!

orange // category=variables
yellow // category=control
green // category=operators
turquoise // category=pen
blue // category=motion
indigo // category=custom
violet // category=looks
pink // category=sound
gold // category=events
silver // category=grey
bronze // category=list

Pretty, right?


I'm sorry I haven't been active on the Scratch Wiki. Post something on my talk page if you need me, and if I don't answer, post a comment here.

Mind Reader Tricks

To make a mind reader trick, first think of a number. Any number. Got one? Well, the number you picked is going to be known as "y". So here we go:


(P.S. In this case, x=the number the viewer chose.) So, if y=12, then the Scratch blocks goes like this:

say [Think of a number. Any number.] for (amount) secs
say [Multiply it by 12.] for (amount) secs
say [Add 144.] for (amount) secs
say [Divide by 12.] for (amount) secs
say [Subtract the original number.] for (amount) secs

And the equation in Scratch blocks is like this: