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Hi there! I am HighFlyer222.

Quick Information



Scratch Forums

  • 300+ posts
  • Mostly active on the suggestions forum.

More information


Programming languages I know:

  • Scratch (duh)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript[1]
  • Lua[2]
  • Python

Favorite Stuff


  • My timezone is CET (Central European Time).
  • I’m Turkish.
  • I like to translate a lot, so if you need any Turkish translation for your studios or projects, go ask on my Scratch profile.

Favorite Quotes

I only have one single favorite quote, which is this (drumroll):

Thanks for the link! This does look like a duplicate topic so I'll close it to keep the conversation all in one place. Please use the topic in the link above.

– Paddle2See, when somebody points out a duplicate.


  1. If you didn’t know, the three languages are used together to create websites.
  2. I use Lua on TIC-80, a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny retro games.
  3. I usually like how it is underrated and almost nobody uses it.
  4. See how I’m active on the Terraria Scratch Forum topic. I first saw that when it was at the 90th page or so.