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This short biography was constructed by RPP-Exploration from Writers Corp. Full credit to them for writing this.

How do you get 80 followers and a 100+ page forum topic?

hellounicorns2, commonly known as carrots, is someone who has accomplished this.

In 2016, carrots joined Scratch as school had asked. Since then, they have made lots of projects, curated many studios and collaborated with many. They have been a great inspiration and now has connections with several considered famous in the community.

Out of Scratch, they enjoy astronomy and recently changed logo to signify that.

Many would say that the greatest achievements of this user are SPA and Space Shop, two forums that were started recently and have rocketed. This shows carrots’ knack for amazing ideas and flawless leadership. The Space Shop has over 50 members, each chosen by hellounicorns2 or one of their chosen workers.

Therefore, the reason for 80 followers is an amazing reputation and outstanding dedication not to making projects but to the discussion forums.