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About Me

Hello, I am Hektor, a home educated twelve year old from the UK. I spend my days playing music, performing drama, reading, writing and Scratching ! I also love video games, with Sonic The Hedgehog being my absolute favourite franchise. I have been on this wonderful website for almost a year, and I love every day of it. I am a past Front Page Curator #289, and am hoping to become a Scratch Camp counsellor for this year. :)

What I Am Working On

I make stickmen animations on Scratch, which are lots of fun to do. As I have recently hit 500+ followers, I am hosting my own animating competition called HEKTOR'S ANIMATING BONANZA ( HAB ). Make sure to look at my profile page on the website and click on the featured project to find out more !

The History of Hektor the Stickman

I was introduced to Scratch thanks to my mother, who found an ICT class for me. At first I wasn't very interested in it, until I started gradually getting better. After I was certain I wanted to create a stickman, I started to design it with Bitmap, which looked too rough for my liking, so I took up learning Vector, until the design started to look better. After getting help and advice, he has turned up quite fine, and is the trademark of my account. I have made many other stickmen to accompany him, such as Guigo, Iyogan and Ozeul, but none are quite like Hektor himself. I have also recently started a series called The Hektor Show. This had started when I had hit 400 followers, and this show will be continuing to grow until the finale !

Some Things You Should Check Out !