Oh hi there!

Welcome to my user page! A great place to relax or to just look around! Feel free to look around! No one is going to stop you! I have hidden something around here. If your interested in finding it then go on! Find them! Well maybe there are no hints...

about me

My username is hani2018. I have been making project on scratch for around 2-3 years, ever since March 2018. I have been on the Scratch Wiki only for a couple days. I’m usually on the Scratch Wiki more then the main site now. You can find me on my Scratch profile Over Here


  • It all started out when I made a project without an account in a coding workshop so I made an account to save it.
  • next I made multiple more unshared games and animations.
  • eventually I stopped using scratch for 5 months until I made a animation on living objects seeking a prize from a competition they were told about. These types of shows are called “object shows” were objects compete for a prize doing challenges.
  • now these events have shaped scratch into what it is now.
  • i joined the scratch wiki on 10th June 2020

What I do on scratch

I mostly make simple animations and do a bunch of other things as well but I rarely do anything in the extended scratch website. Beyond that I can’t really say anything else about me.

What I do on scratch Wiki

I joined the scratch wiki as I was interested in the vast world of wikis. But most of them didn’t suit me. Then one day I found this wiki in 2018 and started learning stuff about scratch from it. But for a while I was not going to be a contributor. Then I just decided to join the wiki to help improve it!

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