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[1:23 PM] Hamish752: on another note

[1:23 PM] Hamish752: this article

[1:24 PM] Hamish752: https://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Scratch_in_the_Media/SpaceX_Falcon_9_Lander SpaceX Falcon 9 Lander

[1:24 PM] WolfCat67: @Hamish752 What? XD

[1:24 PM] Hamish752: I understand why that project was notable, but if we have an article about that, surely we should have one about say, Griffpatch, too?

[1:25 PM] Hamish752: I don't really understand it.

[1:25 PM] kenny2scratch: Griffpatch is a user

[1:25 PM] kenny2scratch: I don't think the SpaceX thing was a user

[1:25 PM] Hamish752: That shouldn't matter.

[1:25 PM] Hamish752: The SpaceX thing was a project.

[1:25 PM] WolfCat67: @Hamish752 I don't know. It's strange. Surely, if that has a page, then Paper Minecraft could be one. XD

[1:25 PM] Turkey3: It's an article on a project

[1:25 PM] kenny2scratch: oh

[1:25 PM] Turkey3: As shown in the header it is an exception

[1:25 PM] Hamish752: Yeah I get that, but then why no Griffpatch article?

[1:25 PM] ErnieParke: The SpaceX project crashed Scratch servers and was publicized in several articles by new agencies.

[1:26 PM] kenny2scratch: wow

[1:26 PM] ErnieParke: Paper minecraft hasn't done either. 😄2

[1:26 PM] kenny2scratch: :wow:

[1:26 PM] kenny2scratch: nope

[1:26 PM] Hamish752: Yeah I remember.

[1:26 PM] WolfCat67: Oh. XD

[1:26 PM] Hamish752: Actually I guess that does make sense.

[1:26 PM] Hamish752: If it's received attention outside of Scratch.

[1:26 PM] Hamish752: Okay then don't mind me.

[1:27 PM] WolfCat67: WolfCat67 is currently not minding @Hamish752. 😀1 😄1

[1:27 PM] Hamish752: but then

[1:27 PM] Hamish752: Why do we have an article for Kaj.

[1:27 PM] WolfCat67: @Hamish752 They were important to Scratch culture.

[1:27 PM] kenny2scratch: Kaj is part of Scratch Culture

[1:27 PM] Turkey3: Griffpatch is, too

[1:27 PM] WolfCat67: Ninja'd.  :stuck_out_tongue:

[1:27 PM] Hamish752: I would argue Griffpatch is too.

[1:28 PM] Hamish752: Yeah ninjaed.

[1:28 PM] Turkey3: 90WPM

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: @Turkey3 @Hamish752 true enough

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: lol

[1:28 PM] Hamish752: Like how much do you see him referenced?

[1:28 PM] Hamish752: A lot.

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: yep

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: WAIT

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: just noticed, his name is not in any wiki article

[1:28 PM] Hamish752: I don't really mind what we do honestly, but we should be consistent I feel.

[1:28 PM] Turkey3: He's probably responsible for many people joining this site since his projects got unbelievable amounts of views

[1:28 PM] WolfCat67: Hmm... Maybe see if we could make a griffpatch article? Though I'm not sure how they'll feel about this.

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: we would of course have to contact him

[1:28 PM] WolfCat67: @kenny2scratch They're in "Menu (project)" as one of the people who made a project with a start menu.

[1:28 PM] Turkey3: Let's make a post on the CP about it so non-Discord people can discuss it, too

[1:28 PM] kenny2scratch: get an ST member to email him?

[1:29 PM] WolfCat67: @Turkey3 Good idea!

[1:29 PM] Turkey3: Who wants to do the honors?

[1:29 PM] WolfCat67: @Turkey3 I'll do it. Be back in a moment

[1:29 PM] WolfCat67: ...Alright?