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Hi! Here's my user page! I'll update/improve this whenever I get the time! :D
Groko13 (talk | contribs) 19:51, 20 December 2019 (UTC)


I'm Groko13, and this is my corner of the Scratch Wiki! Here's my main user page with some stuff about me, I guess. I'll update this page from time to time. If you see any typos or anything like that on this page, please contact me!


If you want to contact me, you can do so here on my talk page, or here on my Scratch profile. I would recommend messaging me on my talk page (as opposed to my profile) because I'll probably receive your message a lot faster.

You can talk to me about whatever you want, be it wiki-related, a question, a random interesting fact, or if you just want to share how much you love waffles. 😛

Me on the Wiki

This is currently the only wiki I contribute to, and I joined/applied/was accepted on November 11, 2019. I am currently of Wikian status. On the wiki, I:

  • Edit articles with minor edits when I see flaws/typos
  • Work on my user page(s) sometimes
  • Contribute ideas and opinions to talk pages
  • Search categories such as the Articles to Expand category for articles to work on expanding/improving
  • Stalk the Recent Changes to see what's going on
  • Just work on improving articles in general

I love to learn more about the wiki, editing, and formatting, so if you have anything that you want to share with me, especially concerning HTML, CSS, or functions and magic words on the wiki, please do!

Me on Scratch

I'm not very active on Scratch anymore in terms of making projects, except I am working on a rather large game right now. On Scratch, I usually log on at least every week or so to check my messages and look at the front-page projects. I have over 100 projects, but most of them are kinda old and pretty bad (should've gone for quality over quantity, I guess :/). I'm also kinda active in the Discussion forums, mostly in the Suggestions section, and I browse the Help With Scripts section sometimes.

About Me/Random Facts

  • I live in the U.S.
  • My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (UTC−05:00)
  • Outside of Scratch, I enjoy skiing, reading, biking, walking, relaxing, hanging out with my friends, D&D, and playing video games
  • I play piano and percussion (snare, mallets, timpani, etc.)
  • I am color blind (no, I don't see in grayscale). I have red-green color blindness, but it doesn't affect me too much; I just can't tell certain colors (red/green and blue/purple) apart sometimes if the shades are closer together or the lighting is bad (and I can't pass the color blindness test). Plus, it makes certain things harder, like seeing if meat is cooked properly. You can read more here
  • My favorite rock is pumice
  • I should probably be asleep right now
  • ZZZZZzzzzzzzz...

more coming soon? ...maybe? eventually?