hi my name is goldfish

ayo so i'm redoing this whole page kthxbai

Status update


  • 8/6/2016: i've currently listened to S Strong - Hot Mustard at 1.25x speed like 50 times in a row and it's still awesome
  • 8/7/2016: CAMP TIME if you're reading this in between ~1:00 PM on August 7 and ~11 PM on August 13 I'm away at camp, see y'all in a week or so. I still have about an hour soo if you have any concerns post 'em now!!
  • 8/13/2016: I just found like 3 new jams by listening to the radio omg
  • 8/14/2016: Today I was over at my friend's house and we tried to film a trickshot, we did 12 minutes of 34 attempts and we still couldn't get it
  • 8/16/2016: i'm like 'Color wars monochrome? my logo's already in black and white'
  • 8/19/2016: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/youtube/nK265pszTvA current mood
  • 9/24/2016: my mom tells me i have to clean my room in ten minutes so i go up to my room and procrastinate for an hour and a half


  • 1/6/2017: yay 2017, maybe i'll make wootube 2 this year lol
  • 3/18/2017: today is the one day i don't want to do a n y t h i n g
  • 11/5/2017: i'm not ready to be a teenager
  • 2/15/2018: middle school is already torture
  • 5/16/2018: this school year is passing like 3x faster than i thought it would
  • 10/31/2018: nobody is going to see this and i don't care,,,,, also i'm tired

Basic Q&A

Q: What are you procrastinating on? A: a lot.. let's just say that at any given moment i'm awake there's around a 65% chance that i'm procrastinating on something short-term and around a 100% chance that i'm procrastinating on something long-term

Q: Is it "yanny" or "laurel"? A: yes

Q: Should you be doing something more productive right now? A: definitely yes

Q: What are you doing with your life? A: i have no idea

Q: If you could choose your last words, what words would you pick? A: "haha yes".

What's your alt?

  • Alt/test account: @thegoldfish
  • Music account: @toadcode
  • Clickbait account: @NintendoNX
  • Alt clickbait account: @FunnyAnimatorOreoTV
  • Highly inactive collab account: @Xeroraid
  • Deleted/hacked collab account: @-Oracle-
  • Just because the name wasn't taken: @monoplanet
  • Social experiment: @-Natron-
  • Attempt at instafame: @Cyndifusic
  • Attempt at instafame take 2: @JohnnyGenius

and more!


a lot more!

What are you working on?

check my profile

What are your current favorite songs?

btw most of these are really outdated so contact me if you want to know what my favorites are now thanks

in no particular order..

  • Ant Neely - Might As Well Whistle
  • Ant Neely - Scratch_Redux
  • Ant Neely - Lucky
  • TheFatRat - Unity
  • Niklas Ahlstrom - Pure Gold 3
  • S Strong - Hot Mustard
  • Anything that's upbeat instrumental electro swing
  • Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  • Billy Preston - Nothing from Nothing
  • Parliament - Flashlight
  • MGMT - Alien Days
  • Greippi - Ardudar
  • Niklas Ahlstrom - Vanilla Urban 3
  • Nickel Creek - This Side
  • Nickel Creek - Beauty and the Mess
  • Quasimodo (https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/youtube/9T6Rp4T22bI)
  • Naturally - Louis Hayes
  • this
  • Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

These are basically just here so I don't forget about them later

My list of weird thoughts

The random things that circulate in my head all day

  • The Aquarium Park song from Sonic Colors is deeefinitely liquid dnb
  • I could go either way with the Wii Remote Jackets
  • "good earbuds" is almost an oxymoron
  • speaking of earbuds, earbuds are really really bad at durability what's up with that
  • writing a book seems like it would be really fun in my head

My bucket list

Things I want to do someday

  • Eat a cheesesteak (check!)
  • Eat a sandwich that contains more than cheese and ham/turkey (check!)
  • Write a song that somehow embodies both liquid dnb and lofi hiphop (Progress: 0%)
  • Apply to MIT (Progress: -75%)
  • Learn to play Backgammon (check!)
  • Get better music production software (check!)
  • Master electric bass (Progress: 4%)
  • Learn how to do that card shuffly thing (Progress: 19%)
  • Buy and read a manga (Progress: 38%)

What are your passions/hobbies?

hoo boy here we go

  • music, music theory, producing/composing music
  • animation, stop-motion
  • anime
  • scratch obviously and programming in general i guess
  • technology, technology troubleshooting
  • video games, Mario series
  • creative writing
  • photoshop
  • graphic design, logo design
  • web design/web development

etc etc

Do you have any real life friends on scratch?

Lamb-o-rock and yuukiyoko_ , check their profiles out

All of my username ideas

... wait why does this category still exist again??