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Hello! I'm Foxlife37, or more commonly known as Foxy.

Why I Joined

I joined because I have a knack for finding little errors and missing things.

Some Random Facts

  • I actually used to like cats more than foxes!
  • I joined Scratch for school, and was basically the ONLY one in my whole class to not use my real name in my username.
  • Why did I pick the name foxlife37? I was thinking that I should be something like fox____, so I chose the name foxlife, but it was taken, so I just added my favorite number, 37, to the end!
  • I am a firm Catblock supporter, and my "fame" on scratch started with the catblocks!
  • I used to do scratch 2.0 when I was younger. I used the offline version though.
  • My first Wiki page I made was an april fools one! (Not including this page) It was this one, Abs () (block).
  • Scratch Wikipediholic Test scores - 603 when I took it on July 15th, 2020!

My "Fame" Story

I had been scratching for about 2 months, when the catblocks had appeared. They were a big hit. I instantly fell in love with them, and joined a "Save The Catblocks!" studio. They had you change your profile picture, or icon, to a catblock. But at the time, I had been playing around with the idea that I was a fox, so I asked, and someone, who I can't remember the name of, told me to change the catblock to make it look like a fox. I did, and soon my now best online friend, Easter_Bunni, edited it and made a bunnyblock. She had soon made the bunnyblock army, and then I made the foxblock army. Soon my other friend, BubblyPossum made this studio, Animal Customizing Button For Starter Blocks, which was basically the main inspiration for the Animalblocks. I started to gain followers as the time passed, with more and more people knowing about the animalblocks. Soon I hit 100 followers, and the followers slowed down. That's how I got to 100 followers!