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Hi there! I’m Forested. I’m NOT new to the Wiki. I’m going to check and edit all of the pages to make sure there’s no mistakes! Please do not edit this page. No longer going to be active here; PLEASE DO NOT DELETE MY PAGES.

About Me

I’m an 11-year old, highly active, girl from Scratch. I love animating and creating games! Woof! Doggie Emoji (happy).png

How I Came To Be Forested

My old main, and first account, is WildlifeWavesgames. I first learnt about Scratch at school. We use the offline 1.4 editor (since we’re not very up-to-date) there. I wondered if they had a website, so I googled it. I had already had quite a lot of experience by the time I created that account. I used to have a side for it, humphrey4444444444, but it has since been moved to Infinity_Sky. My other account is Carriage, new main. I am no longer active on Forested; it has since been moved to CarriageTEST and CarriageSTORIES.)

Why I Joined the Wiki

I’ve wanted to join the Wiki ever since my first month on WildlifeWavesgames, but I was too scared. Finally, a year later, I’ve gathered enough courage to join. Now I have some experience with code as well (BBCode on the Scratch Discussion Forums). Also, I have seen a lot of mistakes and pages that need improving… so, here I am!

Top Projects

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Dragon Speed-Draw

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Sudden Urge Meme




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