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Hello! The Scratch wiki community is interested in setting up wikis in other languages. If you are interested in translations and creating a Scratch wiki in a new language, then continue reading this page. The Scratch wiki community will help you get started.

Note Note: Before continuing, please check this page to see if your Scratch Wiki is already created or not.

Short Introduction

New Scratch wikis begin life in the Test Scratch Wiki. The Test Scratch Wiki is basically a giant sandbox where Scratchers can create Scratch articles in their language. However if you are creating it in a different language you must put the article in a different namespace. If a wiki becomes big enough with enough active contributors, it will branch off into it's own official Wiki website.

Create an Account

See this page to request an account. Once you have made one, you are almost ready to start editing!


Adding a New Language


What are the requirements for a test wiki to become official?

See http://howto.scratch-wiki.info/

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