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October 12, 2019 - EW Election Candidates Chosen!
Nominations are closed! The candidates for the October 2019 EW elections have been chosen. The candidates now have one week to write their speeches.
October 8, 2019 — PaddlerGames as Scratch Curator
PaddlerGames has been chosen as the three-hundred-seventy-eighth curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate PaddlerGames on their profile!
October 3, 2019 — az1010106 as Scratch Curator
az1010106 has been chosen as the three-hundred-seventy-seventh curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate az1010106 on their profile!
October 1, 2019 - Experienced Wikian Elections!
The seventh Scratch Wiki Experienced Wikian election is taking place in the month of October 2019. See the election page for more information: Scratch Wiki:Elections/October 2019. Nominations open at 12:00 AM UTC on October 5.
September 24, 2019 — Angelstar3 as Scratch Curator
Angelstar3 has been chosen as the three-hundred-seventy-sixth curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Angelstar3 on their profile!

Move () Steps
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An example of a motion block.
Semicolon Glitch
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A glitch on the Scratch website.
404 Error
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A page displayed when the requested URL is not found.

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Presentation Mode (also called full screen mode) is the full screen player in Scratch 1.4. It is accessed by pressing the button on the top right of the Scratch program.