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About Me
Hello! I'm Dylan5797 and I'm into music and programming. Scratch is definitely one of my favorite programming languages. I mainly program in Python, Scratch and other languages like JavaScript and maybe a bit of C++.
I like keeping the wiki politically correct, and clean. I'm also on the SST (I own the official account). I am 13 years old, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I also play the piano, and not quite guitar. I like science fiction stories, and Greek Mythology.

My Stats

I have 639 edits since July 2015.

What I'm Working On
  • Being politically correct.
  • This nasty article.
  • Uploading new cropped music mark images.
  • ElementalCode.
  • Lots of python projects.
  • Setting up a server.
  • Improving User Page.
  • School.
  • Lots more...
Credit to KrIsMa for my signature.

Credit to KrIsMa for the header bar code.

I stole the info boxes from the front page.
ScratchEdit Scratch project explorer for project "hacking"
ScratchAPI Python Scratch API module
dylan5797.github.io My old website
BBCodeParser A parser for DjangoBB code markup
GitHubAPI GitHub API python module
ElementalCode A team project lead by PullJosh, bridging scratch to web front-end development