Note Note: I am not very active on the wiki at this time, but I will still respond to messages I get on my talk page if you have any questions. I will be more active on breaks though. Thanks!

Thanks to Customhacker / The Wiki Warehouse Shop for the code to make my original footer, along with editing it to make it look better.

About Me

Hello, I'm duckboycool as you see. I have been on the wiki for a few months, and I have gotten more active on the wiki recently. I try to be active on the Community Portal, and I usually go around making minor changes to pages I see.

I am focusing larger efforts on both Topic 412 and Menu (project) to expand them as they are both stubs. But overall, I don't edit mainspace very largely.

I originally discovered Scratch in summer coding class a few years ago, and I was very interested in it after. I joined the Scratch Website a few years ago, but I wasn't very active until about two years ago, when I rejoined Scratch after leaving for about half a year. After I came back, I started posting more constructively, and more often on the Scratch Forums. Once I started being active there, I tried to help out in more ways, which has lead to my recent status of being a "SDS helper" and Wiki Contribuitor (obviously). I hope to continue to be active, and possibly contribute in more ways. :)

Things I Am In

Throughout Scratch, I have joined a few things, and I just wanted to note them here.

  • The Forum Helpers/The Forum Wikian Helpers. I applied to join The Forum Helpers after I found out about it when I had 500+ posts, and eventually I was promoted to manager. After a while, customhacker persuaded me into joining the wiki, and as such, I was promoted to manager in The Forum Wikian Helpers.
  • Scratch Wiki. In the Forum Helpers Studio, customhacker told us that we should join the wiki. After a few days, I decided to make my application into the wiki. I was accepted on my first application, and I have tried to be active on the wiki since.
  • The Wiki Warehouse Shop. Shortly after joining The Forum Wikian Helpers, we decided that we were going to make a shop for services on the wiki. Customhacker and Bigpuppy were making art for the shop, and when they asked for a name, I came up with "Wiki Warehouse", which was used as the final name. They finished making the art, and we made the shop.
  • SDS' as a SDS helper. Scratch Day was coming up, and the Happy Birthday, Scratch! studio was put on the front page. I helped around a little bit, and I was invited as a curator. This experience made me go to the current SDS, Studio Spotlight, and help around until I was invited as a SDS helper. I hope to help more with future SDS' as a SDS helper.