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Services Planning Department is a collaboration owned by makethebrainhappy. The aim of the collaboration is to find innovate ways to improve organizations/ideas on scratch. This is our official wiki page.

About us

Services Planning Department was founded by makethebrainhappy on March 18, 2017. We create guides to inform fellow Scratchers about information that encourages teamwork and collaboration. Our forum thread is here, so come and have a look around at what we do!

Our Mission Statements

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We have our first guide, located here. It is about developing and designing a front page. It has been iTopiced!

Our second guide has been released. Check it out here. It is our first guide to have been stickied!

We released our third guide here! It is about the process for developing an idea, and is one of the most complex topics which we have covered so far. It took dozens of hours and lots of collaborative work to complete it. It is our second guide to have been stickied!

Our fourth release was an improved version of a guide on constructive commenting, and our version is located here. It has since been stickied!

Our 5th guide was released here. It has become an iTopic in the Collaboration forum!

We are now supporting directories in the forums. The first is being actively run by Drunken_Sailor and is called The Collaboration Directory. Make sure to check it out! It has since been stickied.


Manager: @makethebrainhappy

Co-manager: @Drunken_Sailor
Public Relations manager: @jromagnoli (A.K.A. Glue Master General)
Human Resources manager: @-Lite-

Former members



Jromagnoli (AKA Gluemaster General) is the PR manager. He specializes in art, stickying guides, offtopic, and writing (and super unprofessional biographies :P). He has contributed to every guide published by the organization.

-Anvard- has been on Scratch for a little longer of eight months. They are a member in Sigton's Shop and own their own shop known as Gentle Rain Coding Studio. They are a relatively new member of the Services Planning Department but have already played a major part in creating the Remixing guide and assisted in creating the guide on writing your Resume.

-Lite- is the HR Manager. He has contributed to every guide of the Services Planning Department. -Lite- is best at writing, programming, and correcting persons' usage of grammar.

Drunken_Sailor is a helpful and dedicated Scratcher who is very active within the community. They usually spend their time Role-Playing or lurking in the unanswered posts forum. They are the General Manager at Services Planning Department, and have contributed to almost all of their guides.

bigpuppy has been on Scratch for more than five years. He owns the second largest shop on Scratch and is an SDS curator and Forum Helper. He has helped write different guides by the Services Planning Department.

-Vuton- joined scratch nearly a year ago and has over 1000 posts. He likes to work on his website and mess about with computers. He is also part of The Forum Helpers and uses a Macbook Air with 8gb of RAM.

How to apply

We are thrilled that you would like to join Services Planning Department! We are always looking for new members, so come and join us!

Application Requirements

  • Please make sure to detail your experience, and show that you can contribute to this collaboration in some way
  • Activity is key, so make sure that you can commit to checking the thread 2-3 times per day and working on the main project.
  • Please write in complete sentences and use correct spelling and grammar
  • 6+ months on Scratch (minimum) OR a sponsorship from at least 1/3 of active members
  • 100+ posts (minimum)

Can you do all that? If so, you can join Services Planning Department! Post an application on our forum thread! We are one of the premier collaborations on Scratch! :)

Application form


Writing Skill:


Management Experience:

Community Experience:

Time on Scratch:

Scratch Helper (Y/N):

SDS Helper (Y/N):

Scratch Wiki Editor (Y/N):


Credit to customhacker for the amazing banners!

Message from MakeTheBrainHappy: Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the project. It is quite inspiring and helps to make the website a better place. :)
Makethebrainhappy (talk | contribs) 23:37, 13 June 2017 (UTC)

Sign off

We hope you join and read our work! Anyway, bye for now and Scratch on! ;)