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Quote of the Week:
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

– Mae West

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About me

My Profile Picture

Hey there! I'm Drunken Sailor, a Wiki Contributor who is dedicated to helping others, whether it be on my profile, on the forums, or on the Wiki. :D

I'm a British Citizen born in London, but I have since moved elsewhere in the country. I have Scottish, Irish, English, and French DNA in my blood.

I like...

  • Editing Scratch Wiki articles. :D
  • Programming
  • Scratch, obviously
  • Python
  • HTML
  • Computer Science
  • Pizza, Steak and hot dogs especially. im unhealthy
  • Steam
  • Binge watching YouTube
  • Creating secret text that no-one can rea- Oh.

My Favourite...

  • Colour: Blue
  • TV Show: Don't really watch much TV :/
  • Food: Pizza... MMMmmmm
  • Sport: Trampolining
  • School Subject: Computer Science
  • Board Game: Risk
  • Video Game: Black Squad

Some random facts about me

  • I'm 13 years old
  • I'm a ✝ Catholic ✝
  • I'm a Hufflepuff
  • I play Guitar
  • I like everything to be symmetrical
  • I speak English, mais j'étudie français à l'école

My Favourite Quotes

donald trum

– banana439monkey

Who is jvvg? Such awesomeness cannot be described in simple words.

– Mee6

Sometimes life gives you lemons. Other times life hits you directly in the face with a watermelon. Always wear goggles.

– Mee6

How does one eat tea?

– jvvg

ny brain dfied

– banana439monkey

I see you like the Big Boss of the wiki with ken and martinsomething

– flapyness

How rude!!!1!1!11

– Hellounicorns2

Why did you all turn into penguins?

– duckboycool

ERMAHGERD, how on EARTH did my username become 'rainbow127'! SHAMEFUL, I say, SHAMEFUL!

– rainbow124

But I never mkae mistakes$ how dare You say that1

– pianogirl84

  1. I own two RP's: The hugely successful Cops and Robbers RP, and Top Secret RP
  2. Came second in the regionals :D
  3. The Forum Helpers was once renamed The Forum Meme Helpers because me and WolfCat67 made so many memes. :P
  4. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/163630324/