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                               My OC! 

About Me

Hi! I'm a friendly girl extrovert! I live in the United States with my family and friends. I love fashion and dressing up (That's why my username is dressygirl). I am an artist who loves drawing and anything to do with art. I enjoy making projects and helping out. I've been on scratch for almost a year and I've been on the scratch wiki for a few months.

On Scratch I....

  • Make projects
  • Draw with the paint editors
  • Help around the SDS and the discussion forums
  • Make scratch friends
  • Greet new scratchers

I enjoy...

  • Being on scratch
  • fashion
  • drawing
  • spending time with my family and friends
  • eating

Talk to me

If you want you can talk to me on my talk page or on my profile. Bye and happy scratching:3