About Me

I'm DragonLover379, an average person who loves dragons and reading. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, my zodiac sign is Aquarius, and my personality type is INTJ-A. I'm also very much a fangirl. You can visit my talk page and leave an edit, or even better, my profile and leave a comment.

On Scratch

On Scratch I generally make art, though I have a few projects with coding. My remix account is blueliqht, where mostly MAP parts can be found, and I have an aesthetics account under the username __Aesthetics__.


When I'm not Scratching, I'll probably be reading. I also enjoy playing soccer, and am a Novice debater. My hobbies include biking and walking my dog :D


Note Note: I haven't achieved too much XD
  • 900+ follows
  • Past FPC
  • Propose Projects to be Featured Studio curator (is that an achievement?)
  • FPCA Studio curator
  • Front Paged 7 times
    • Featured: 2
    • Top Loved: 2
    • Curated: 3
  • Wiki Editor (can't you tell?)
  • 18 shared projects

What I'll Be Doing

On Scratch, you'll probably find me...
  • Reviewing FPC applications
  • Adding projects to the PPTBF studio
  • Editing this wiki
  • Commenting XD
  • Or maybe even scraping together some effort and making a MAP part or other type of project