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Things I like

  • Scratch
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Science
  • Aviation
  • Technology
  • Seattle Seahawks (NFL team)
  • Raspberry Pi computers

Things I don't like

  • Windows 10
  • ... or any version of Windows in general
  • People who say JavaScript is the same as Java
  • New England Patriots (NFL team)
  • The lack of Linux ARM/ARM64 downloads of programs

My favorite things

  • OS: Debian Linux
  • Desktop Environment: LXDE
  • Computer: Raspberry Pi 4 (for flexibility) or HP Laptop (idk what model) (for compatibility and processing power)
  • Version of Windows: 7
  • Tablet: iPad 6 (not a super big Apple fan, but Android tablets generally suck)
  • Phone: Well, I don't have one, so IDK.
  • Class: Biology (or chemistry, but I don't take that at the moment)
  • Food: Fudge (mainly from Golden Coral buffet)
  • Writing utensil: Ballpoint gel pen
  • Place: My house (maybe)
  • Day of the Week: Saturday
  • Keyboard layout: English (US)
  • Language to learn: Chinese (你好!)
  • Programming language: Java (for text games and simple programs, and as a real programming language) or Scratch (for graphical design and easy programming)
  • Java programming software: IntelliJ IDEA
  • Python programming software: IDLE editor works fine
  • C# programming software: Visual Studio Code
  • Unity programming software: The official Unity editor launched from Unity Hub
  • Wiki: Scratch Wiki