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The Scratch 3.0 user interface.

The 3.0 user interface is what appears when you either launch Scratch or click "See Inside" on a project. You also jump into it when creating a new project via My Stuff or Ideas.


Tools are the various functions that the interface has. They can do things like copy projects, create new ones, and edit what's in the project.

The following functions are found in the stage area:

The following functions are found on the naviation bar:

  • Language - Change the language of the editor.
  • File -
  • New - Creates a new empty project
  • Save Now - Saves the project
  • Save as a copy - Makes a new project containing the same blocks as the current one
  • Load from your computer - Load a .sb, .sb2, or .sb3 Scratch project file
  • Save to your computer - Downloads the project in its current state as a .sb3 file
  • Edit -
  • Restore <sprite/script/costume> - Undeletes the last deleted element
  • Turn <on/off> Turbo Mode - Speeds up the project's execution
  • Tutorials - Guides to making projects
  • Project name - Change the name of the project. The default name is "Untitled"
  • Share - Share the current project. Will instead say "Shared" if it already is
  • See Project Page - View the project's main page
  • My Stuff - View your My Stuff page containing your projects and studios.
  • User button - View the user menu.
  • Profile - View your user profile
  • My Stuff - View your My Stuff page contain your projects and studios.
  • Account Settings - Change options such as your password, country, and email.
  • Sign out - Exit your Scratch user, requiring you to log in to view your unshared projects again.