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If You Don't Know What Turtles Are...

Turtles (no confusion with Tortoises) are sea creatures that have a shell. I can't explain turtles well myself so I recommend you to do a Google search.

First Abnormal Turtle Spotting

A drawing of Larry Jenkins, the boy who adopted the turtle.
Note Warning: This part of the page is really, really weird, so read at your own risk. You have been warned.
Note Disclaimer: Do not take this page seriously. This userpage is here just for fun.

Around 1967, a turtle that has a magic ability of drawing stuff as it walks has been discovered. The ability couldn't been taken away, so the turtle has been sent to the animal shelter and adopted by a little boy.[1] After that, the turtle has never been spotted. Or there was some people who knows where the turtle is.

The Rise of the Turtles

Many reports about abnormal turtles have been made since the spotting. That caused worry around the public; even people couldn't go outside. There's also been more reports of missing children.[2]

Turtle Protection Group

As more incidents about turtles occured, people started to kill all the turtles, even the normal ones. To explain the public that most of the abnormal turtles are harmless, Turtle Protection Group has been founded, and was successful to save some abnormal turtles, and many normal ones.

Settling Down

As more different abnormalities (That is not caused by turtles) has been showing around the city, people left the turtles alone.


  1. Not so little, he was 12.
  2. People say that the cause is the turtles(But actually only some of them are caused by the turtles), the main cause was unknown.