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Since I'm trying to be myself, this page exists. I'll just write down stories from my head (that I was too afraid to share) here. They're usually connected with/about the species/alternate universes/whatever I created... One of them is The Interesting Mechanics of Code (My comic series).

Note Note: I have nothing against most of the stuff that was mentioned either directly or indirectly. Most of these events are fiction.

Writing Related to The Interesting Mechanics of Code



Writing Related to the Scratch Team


Scratch Team-The Interesting Mechanics of Code Crossover Writings..?






About the Stuff

This section is here for people who are curious about what my fictional works are about.

The Interesting Mechanics of Code

Young Connor Bailey, when he was new to the street, joins a friend group, who somewhy refers themselves as the Real-life Coding Club around each other. After 6 years from joining the group, he finally understands why: Most of the people who are in the group are able to code stuff into reality, or use code as superpowers (at least, that's what they say).

The Interesting Mechanics of Code is a comic series that('ll) generally involves computers (Mostly programming languages), and also some moral stuff. Oh, also, fun fact: Most of the characters represent certain programming languages, or other computer-related stuff. I'm even planning to make a successor/sequel for it when the comic (And/or perhaps the animated series) ends. Hey, most of my writings are about that sequel, I can say.

The Scratch Team

The stuff I wrote/'ll write and the animations I made/'ll make about the Scratch Team are semi-fictional, it's a term I use to say that the characters, setting, events etc. are based off from some stuff that exist in real life, but the work has fiction. They usually feature Ceebee, but other Scratch Team members as well. Scratch Cat, who has connections with the Scratch Team, has connections with Coded as well (Not seen in the comic, though).

Scratch Team-The Interesting Mechanics of Code Crossovers

The crossovers between these 2 fictional stuff is being made through Scratch Cat. In my fictional works, both most of the Real-Life Coding Club and Scratch Team members have a good alignment, but Scratch Cat's alignment is bad; he uses his powers for malicious intent, and to reach his goal of taking over the entire education system. Scratch Team currently doesn't know the true colors of Scratch Cat, but sure the other side does, and have decided that they'll prove the Scratch Team that their mascot is actually a villain no matter what.

References and stuff

  1. The boy who adopted the first spotted abnormal turtle as well as a turtle-lover, a math enthusiast, part of the Real-Life Coding Club since 1967, and also Linda Jenkins' younger brother
  2. Object orientation (Being able to control other things alongside with computers) wasn't a thing until 1967.
  3. A Real-Life Coding Club member, a part of the Internet People (Side group of the Real-Life Coding Club), currently working on animation technologies more, and is planning to retire in December 2020.
  4. If you need an explanation for this, feel free to ask me (Dilek10).