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Hello fellow person, I'm Dilek10 (Or Dilek, pronounced as "Dee-lehk")! I'm a Turkish 8th grader who is a self-taught artist, animator, and a game developer on Scratch, and a certificated weirdo.[1] Right now, my timezone is GMT+3.[2] My birthday? Oh, it's in December 6.

More Info About Me

My main OC, Esin (Ehs-een)

As I said, I'm really, really weird. I'm obsessed with some stuff. I'm a little computer addict.[3] I'm a preteen, but I'm not really fine with it.[4] I'm also preparing for a big exam.[5] I speak Turkish as a native language, English fluently, and a little German. I don't know any programming languages well yet, but I messed with Small Basic around sometime, and I'm messing with Java[6] right now. I know some things that have been never heard/new in Turkey.[7]

Here's a fact: I'm one of the people out there that skipped a grade.

Things I Like or Obsessed With

  1. Words
    1. "Bleach"[8]
    2. "Legit"[9]
    3. "Peanut"[10]
    4. "Yeet"[11]
    5. "Basic"[12]
    6. "Severe"[13]
    7. "Momentum"[14]
  2. Memes
    1. Turkish memes[15]
    2. Kowalski memes[16]
    3. Hamburger memes[17]
    4. Burger King Foot Lettuce memes[18]
    5. Anime memes[19]
    6. Loud music (It actually has a different name and it's a meme)[20]
    7. E memes[21]
    8. TikTok...[22]
      1. WikiHow memes[23]
      2. Unexpected drawing memes[24]
      3. Every single Soggy_Nuggets' TikToks[25]
    9. "How it feels to chew 5 gum" memes[26]
  3. Peanut's Fandom[27]
  4. Games (I've played/I'm playing)
    1. Minecraft[28]
    2. Roblox[29]
    3. Doki Doki Literature Club[30]
    4. Unturned
    5. Team Fortress 2[31]
    6. VRChat
    7. Papa's Bakeria[32]
    8. Prodigy Math Game[33]
  5. Subjects
    1. Physics
    2. Geometry
    3. Trigonometry (Scroll down to see one of my works!)
    4. Computer[34]
    5. Maybe more, I just haven't discovered yet.
  6. Rubber ducks![35]
  7. Programming languages[36]
  8. Cats [37]
  9. Books
    1. Physics textbooks
    2. A Wrinkle in Time[38]
    3. A book that I don't remember the title in English, but it was about flamingoes.[39]
    4. Harry Potter series[40]
    5. Some Turkish literature[41]
    6. A book that I read in 4th grade, I also don't remember its title in English.[42]
That's one of my Trigonometry works I did in 6th grade.

What I Do on the Wiki

I think you should know about this.

What I Do on Scratch

I don't really do that much stuff on Scratch.

  • Animating
  • Drawing
  • Creating simple games
  • Looking at projects

That's all, to be honest!

What I Do Outside Scratch

I've got several interests, but these are what I usually do:

  • Studying[45]
  • Drawing[46]
  • Animating[47]
  • Playing video games
  • Exercising[48]
  • Watching YouTube
  • Creating YouTube videos[49]
  • Playing with my friends and family
  • Reading
  • Listening to music [50]
  • Messing with Java[51]

What I'm Planning to Do

Ooo, I've got many plans!

  • Finishing 8th grade with a good note from LGS[52]
  • Improving my German and joining the German Scratch Wiki
  • Starting an animated series[53]
  • Developing a game without using Scratch[54]
  • Getting a graphics tablet [55]

Yeah, I have these stuff in my head.


  • 250 followers! (Current: 287)
  • One of my projects got curated
  • I was a camp counselor in Scratch Camp 2019


Thanks to Apple502j


This is empty, yeet!

– Some random grandma on Vine

Are you sure you want to C A N C E L L the free Smiley installation?

– Smileys Toolbar installation in Vinesauce Joel's Windows 7 Destruction


– Vinesauce Joel in Windows Vista Destruction


– The Engineer from Team Fortress 2


– Meme Man

You greedy dirtbag!

– Psy from The Lorax

A fallout is happening out there. Wait, no, a containment breach is happening.

– My friend from school, while everyone were jamming on the corridors because there was a teachers' meeting going on.


– A Roblox TV commerical, 2011

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

– A frog, then Jimmy Here

I found your pop tart! It was disquised.... as a pop tart! Can you believe that!!!

– 12944qwerty


  1. Ask me if you want to see the certificate.
  2. If you are in EST, add 7 (8 if there's daylight saving time) hours to the current time.
  3. That's why I always forget my homework.
  4. The 1st thing I'll do when I turn 13 is writing an appeal to ArtFight and joining again.
  5. LGS, the high school entrance exam in Turkey.
  6. Now everyone's gonna be like "Dilek, why you're not learning Python instead?".
  7. Such as graphics tablets or Prodigy the math game.
  8. Nope, I don't consume that 13-ph liquid.
  9. Mostly because I watch montage parodies, they often use that word.
  10. See also: Creature that snips your neck
  11. This thing is empty!
  12. No, not the programming language or that person on YouTube.
  13. It just sounds pleasing to the ear.
  14. I'm also intensely interested in Physics.
  15. Specifically "Kek", "Salt bae", and "Turkish man yelling meow at an egg".
  16. A N A L Y S I S
  17. Hamburger
  18. I once tried to "read" the script out loud in a McDonald's that is close to Burger King. However, since I live in Turkey, things are different.
  19. Mostly JoJo memes
  20. My favorite is the Monsters Inc. Theme Song one.
  21. E
  22. Most of them are cringe(no offense), but there are some good ones too.
  23. I dunno, they are just so accurate!
  24. Some of them; kid-friendly ones
  25. They have that Vine style, which I like in TikToks.
  26. Stimulate your senses
  27. It's spreading around. Also, think twice before joining because you might sell your soul to it.
  28. Java Edition
  29. IT'S FREE
  30. Spoopy
  31. My friends also play it
  32. One of my favorite games that I play on Coolmath
  33. I have a whole series for it on my YouTube channel.
  34. I think it is considered as a class more, but bruh.
  35. They're cool, because they debug code!
  36. Kind of an obsession
  37. But I like dogs and t
  38. I finished it in 2 days
  39. It's too addictive, beware.
  40. J.K. Rowling ruined it, but I don't care.
  41. Despite that I don't read Turkish literature that much.
  42. That book has also sold a lot in a local bookstore
  43. Except, I don't know what to edit, so feel free to give a page to edit in my talk page.
  44. I'm a young girl in a huge world!
  45. Like every single 8th grader in Turkey
  46. I usually use MediBang Paint or Krita
  47. Krita is also good for animation
  48. Especially turning around clockwise
  49. I really do!
  50. Ear-things are the best!
  51. Don't blame me for not learning Python, please. I'll also learn it, don't worry.
  52. At least 470 out of 500 points
  53. I'm too shy, though.
  54. Unity/C# is in the 3rd of my list; which is after Java and Python.
  55. I hope I can buy it this month. I think my parents forgot about it, maybe I can tell them again?