About Me

Hoi! I'm Dilek10 (A.k.a Dilek). I'm a preteen, I'm Turkish, I go to 7th grade, and I'm on Scratch since March 2017. I'm interested on STEAM and many different interests that most of the girls are not interested in, and I like video games. Time zone that I'm in: GMT+3:00

My main OC, Esin (Ehs-een)

List of My Favorite things

-Lorax memes[1]
-Animated movies
-Drawing and painting
-Playing video games[4]
-Spamming Glen Burnie for no reason[5]
-Playing music/singing[6]
-Light rail trains

On Scratch

I have an art shop in the forums called Dilek's Art Shop, which was closed but I re-opened it. I also have a Palace of Points shop, but I get only a few requests. I'm planning to update it soon. I sometimes go and help the welcoming commitee, SDS, and Scratch Camp. I'm also an English and Turkish Scratch Wiki editor. I mostly do art, animation, and games.

Outside Scratch

I'm mostly interested into STEAM, but Tringonometry, Geometry, Physics, coding, art, and music in general. I have various weird obsessions like boxes, light rail trains, and bubbles. I draw, play music, record and edit videos, do homework, and go to school mostly.

An example of my math work


  1. You greedy dirtbag!
    -Psy from The Lorax
  2. In fact, I can start an animated series on YouTube called "Cookie Wars".
  3. Well I can't do a box fort like in The Simpsons but I enjoy crafting with boxes.
  4. Mostly Minecraft and Roblox
  5. "Glen Burnie" is actually a light rail train stop.
  6. I mostly play piano and violin.