About Me

Hoi! I'm Dilek10 (A.k.a Dilek). I'm a preteen, I'm Turkish, I go to 7th grade, and I'm on Scratch since March 2017. I'm interested on STEAM and many different interests that most of the girls are not interested in, and I like games. Time zone that I'm in: GMT+3:00

My main OC, Esin (Ehs-een)


Movie: I can't choose!
TV Show: Rick and Morty, We Bare Bears
Book: Flora and Ulysses, Harry Potter series, Warriors series
Song: Game soundtracks, songs that have no lyrics, classical music [1]
Food: Mac and Cheese, pizza (Not pepperoni), cucumbers, chicken, tomatoes, apples, apricots, peaches, strawberries, cakes, ice cream
Color: Azure blue, blue violet, violet, emerald green, magenta, red violet
Animal: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, squirrels
Video Game: Minecraft, Roblox,[2] Undertale
Subject: Science, Computer
Vehicle: Light rail trains[3]
Science Branch: Chemistry, Physics
Art Branch: Digital art, traditional art (colored pencils, watercolor, oil painting, markers, oil pastel), clay
Type of Videos: Gaming, montage parodies/YouTube Poop, arts and crafts, tutorials, videos that include tech stuff, animations


-Bees(Not really)[5]
-Getting hurt/pressure[6]

Fun Fact: I skipped 1st grade because I learned how to read and write when I was 3.

On Scratch

Basically I share art, games, and animations on Scratch. I'm a Scratch Wiki contributor.[7] I like to help the SDS and the Scratch Camp. I sometimes complete requests in Dilek's Art Shop!. Yeah, I like to help people.

Outside Scratch

I play video games, learn some STEAM things, study, solve tests, play, draw, watch videos, or take some videos. Also I do different things than other people do, like turning around, writing transcripts of my favorite videos/movie segments, looking at light rail train images, or spamming "Glen Burnie" for no reason.[8]

An example of my math work


  1. Actually, many teenagers hate classical music but I don't do.
  2. "Oof"
    -Roblox Noob
  3. Also they are one of my weird interests.
  4. I don't eat it.
  5. a b I'm afraid of them.
  6. I'm hypersensetive.
  7. You know
  8. Glen Burnie!