About Me

Hoi! I'm Dilek10 (A.k.a Dilek, and it's pronounced as "Dee-lehk"). I'm a Turkish 8th grader who is a self-taught artist, animator, and a game developer on Scratch. Right now, my timezone is GMT+3.

My main OC, Esin (Ehs-een)

List of My Favorite things

Note Warning: 9 of the following references are actually quotes from random stuff.

Weird Things I Do and Like

Things I Do

Note Caution: The following stuff I do/like may be really weird and some of them can make you "traumatised", so do them at your own risk.
  • Spamming "Glen Burnie" for no reason[33]
  • Making OCs that are actually a personification of something[34]
  • Swinging either back and forth or left and right[35]
  • Turning around clockwise[36]
  • Walking back and forth[37]

Things I Like

On Scratch

I have an art shop in the forums called Dilek's Art Shop, but I got retired from it.[44] I also have a Palace of Points shop, but I get only a few requests. I'm planning to update it soon.[45] I sometimes go and help the welcoming commitee, SDS, and Scratch Camp.[46] I'm also an English and Turkish Scratch Wiki editor.[47] I mostly do art, animation, and games, as described at the first paragraph.[48]

Outside Scratch

I do the things in "List of My Favorite Things". When it's school time, I spend most of my time in school. When it comes to holidays, I'm usually on my computer, but I do other things too; such as making stuff from "eva",[49] doing Origami,[50] reading,[51] exercising,[52] and doing traditional art.[53]

It's one of my trigonometry works!


  1. I live in Turkey, so I can still view memes.
  2. You greedy dirtbag!
    -Psy (from The Lorax), 2012
  3. Kowalski, analysis.
    -Kowalski(?) (from Madagascar), 2005
  4. Long live the king.
    -Scar (from The Lion King), 1994
  5. E
  6. Avengers Endgame spoilers also included. *Insert the Avengers Theme here*
  7. Everybody wants to be a cat!
    -Alley cats (from The Aristocats), 1970
  8. I have so many ideas and on my head, and I think I'll push my limits to achieve and share them.
  9. I mostly do digital art.
  10. Every 21th Century kid does that
  11. Let's go to a place where everything is made of blocks.
    -Minecraft Trailer
  12. a b c d e The soundtracks are beautiful, check them out!
  13. IT'S FREE!
    -Roblox 2011 Commercial
  14. The Pacifist route is worth trying.
  15. In fact, I make videos about it on my YouTube channel.
  16. You can find a lot of activities there. It's also a good game to practice speaking English.
  17. a b c Play it at your own risk.
  18. Victory!
    -The announcer
  19. I'm new at it.
  20. That's me!
  21. I haven't played it, but I watched YouTube videos about it.
  22. If you wanna meet new, and young, people, feel free to play that game! My favorite place is the art studio at Coral Canyons.
  23. Are you ready for a miracle? I know, being interested on STEAM is pretty odd.
  24. Most of the students can't pass Physics. It's actually not hard subject to learn if you study.
  25. I love to work with shapes.
  26. It's like Geometry, but with illuminatis triangles.
  27. And so I have so much space for imagination. I even read Physics books.
  28. There's no life I know to compare with pure imagination.
    -Willy Wonka, 1971
  29. I mostly play piano and violin.
  30. And that's the reason I'm on Scratch.
  31. Well, when I was younger I used to watch a lot of cartoons on TV, now I watch YouTube.
  32. Well yeah, I'm also a content creator on YouTube. It's a fun thing!
  33. Glen Burnie Glen Burnie is actually a light rail train stop, but somewhy I like to spam it.
  34. Usually personifications of computer stuff.
  35. I often need some movement, so I do that.
  36. And my head doesn't get dizzy at all.
  37. Guys, do I have Autism?
  38. Do you remember the box fort from The Simpsons? Like it, you can create many stuff from boxes.
  39. They're relaxing to draw/paint and also wobbly and colorful!
  40. Where'd you- No, no. Clouds make a peaceful sky view, they're also fluffy, so they are one of my weird obsessions.
  41. Hey kid, are you getting on to this train?
    -Some light rail train operator, 2018
  42. My biggest obsession
  43. Don't judge me please.
  44. I got too tired
  45. It's so outdated!
  46. In Scratch Camp 2018, I helped a lot. I even include quotes from movies.
  47. If I wasn't, this userpage wouldn't exist at all.
  48. I used to do animation, but now I do art. I'm planning to do animations again soon.
  49. "Eva"(Pronounced as "Eh-vah") is a special type of fabric; its texture is smooth and when you squeeze it, you feel like it's a sponge. They are usually water-proof.
  50. I have 3 Origami books, and I've made a lot of stuff.
  51. Especially Physics textbooks, but I sometimes read fiction too.
  52. Turning around included
  53. I also do traditional art; I mostly use colored pencils, markers, and oil pastels, but I'm best at oil pastels.