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Hello I Am Devloper123

When I'm not using scratch I'm playing around with my website or videogames I enjoy making my own videogames and viewing other scratchers projects I also enjoy playing around with ☁Cloud Variables! or Mesh
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My Favorites

Scratch Team Blog

Scratch Wiki

Mod Share

List of Sample Projects

Mod Share forums

My favorite projects(I made)

Scratch Universe Scratch Blockspec Creator



Note Warning: If I have spam I shall delete it

Outside of Scratch

I am a champion at videogames, defiantly on Nintendo 3DS at least
I sometimes play online games on KiziAs KiziGuy500
I also do really bad paintings on Colors!3DAs Colors3Duser123

My Forum Life

I use the forums a lot.Not just the Scratch Forums but also the Mod Share Forums My Signature(on the forums) is usually this Dev123's sig.gif Recently I have been using the Blockxer Forums

My Mod

My Mod Blockxer is still being developed by me.It's has really good new blocks!

To-Do List

Note Warning: Do not copy my to-do list

Develop Blockxer
Test Blockxer
Contribute to The Scratch Wiki

External Links

My user page:My stuff HackThat!A program for scratch which you need to hack my password Hack That!