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Frozen Coco
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Total Members (at its peak) 4
Creation Date June 23, 2011
Creator Bastián Núñez (technoguyx)
Links Website Bandcamp SoundCloud
Goal Inspire online collaboration and creativity

Frozen Coco were the first band formed on the Scratch Forums, a purely online collaboration between Scratch users Diyath Yavin (DIY), Bastián Núñez (technoguyx) , Matt Hambra (hpotter134), and Luke Slomba (jslomba). Both leaders, Yavin and Núñez, however, later agreed that it was in the best interest of the band that they discontinue releasing on Scratch, as the band planned to move onto better sites for sharing and popularising their music. This decision was formulated during the month of August in 2012.[1]

Since its inception in summer 2011, Frozen Coco released seven singles, an EP, and a full-length album.[2] The band was working on their second studio album before splitting up. An album title was never decided upon, but they stated that they planned to incorporate multiple instrument overdubs and several orchestral arrangements in the release, in contrast to their previous work. As of the formal split in December 2013, all production plans for the album were abandoned.


The band was started by Scratcher Bastián Núñez (technoguyx) on June 23, 2011, although its name was only adopted a month later.[3] Núñez has stated that he was inspired by Bluestribute, who had a similar project in mind back in 2008.[4]

I was inspired when I saw Bluestribute's plans for a Scratch band. It didn't work out too well, so I thought, why not give it another try? Then I posted on the Collaboration forum and we got the band together.

– Bastián Núñez, founder

The lineup changed a bit over time, but remained stable with the final cast for a significant portion of its existence. Its newest addition, Mari Smith (ContinentalRain), who had already become dormant on Scratch, was brought in by Yavin, sought through a series of vague project links. She is, however, regarded as a featured artist, singing on two tracks on their first album, and the band's concluding single. The move to bring her in came almost at the time of the firing of their previous vocalist, and with this replacement, the final lineup is arguably the most stable cast Frozen Coco had.

Towards the end of 2013, cracks began to appear in the group, as each member branched out into their individual interests. Following a drought of contact from the other band members, Yavin contacted Smith with a final collaboration in mind. The result was a song composed in one day, and it was soon recorded, with a release on the same day as the vocal track was submitted.[5] The entire production process took less than a month, and the release concluded the band's two-and-a-half year online existence.

Solo Careers

On November 30, 2012, Frozen Coco's manager Diyath Yavin released his debut solo single titled "Rock Nomad" across various music sites, including those common to the band's releases.[6] The solo release came well before the band's demise, released over a year before they broke up. In doing so, he became the first band member to embark on a solo venture, although Bastián Núñez had also expressed plans of doing so.[7] Notably, Mari Smith released an EP exactly two years before "Rock Nomad", on the very same day, although that was before her inclusion in the band. It was available on iTunes up until the end of 2012, but is no longer up for sale.[8]

Yavin's debut solo release was followed up with "Gold Ringers", released on February 20, 2013. It was the first instance that any of the band members recorded a country song, and largely deviated from the sound Frozen Coco is known for. Since, it has amassed the highest number of SoundCloud plays by any Scratcher.[9] It was only eight months later that Yavin released his third solo single on 26 October 2013, called "When Every Element Dies", the last solo release before the group disbanded.


  • Diyath Yavin (DIY) — piano, vocals, other instruments, mixing, manager
  • Bastián Núñez (technoguyx) — electric bass, mixing, vocals, founder
  • Matt Hambra (hpotter134) — guitar, vocals, banjo
  • Luke Slomba (jslomba) — drums

Featured artists

  • Mari Smith (ContinentalRain) — vocals


Warning Note: The album versions of formerly released singles may differ from the original track due to remastering and the addition of various overdubs.

My Voice to You

"My Voice to You"

"My Voice to You" by Dennis Yang was Frozen Coco's first single, released on August 12, 2011. It is the only cover that the band performed.

When I'm Beside You

"When I'm Beside You"

Frozen Coco's second single, "When I’m Beside You" by Bastián Núñez , was released on December 24, 2011. It was the first original song written by a band member that the group recorded.

Crimson Love — A Collection of Songs

Crimson Love, an EP by Frozen Coco, was released on April 27, 2012. It consists of five songs, including three previously unreleased originals:

Crimson Love — A Collection of Songs
"My Voice to You" (Dennis Yang)
(see above)
"When I'm Beside You" (Núñez)
(see above)
"Lazy Sunday Jam" (Slomba)
This is Frozen Coco’s only instrumental release. Yavin has said that the song was deliberately mixed in such a manner to give it a "live performance feel, as if it were recorded in a backyard garage studio".[10]
"Gone" (Núñez)
"Gone" is Bastián Núñez's second original song. Núñez initially mentioned intentions of recording an extended version of the song, featuring an ending guitar solo, but the idea was dismissed following a mutual agreement between Yavin and Núñez.
"Reload" (Yavin)
Statistically, this is the most widely loved song released in the album. It has been acclaimed for its instrumentation,[11] featuring an organ for the first and only instance in a Frozen Coco song.

Out of the Possible/Early December

"Out of the Possible" / "Early December"

"Out of the Possible/Early December" was released on August 29, 2012 in the conventional A and B side format, which was made popular by traditional vinyl record releases. The former was a long-standing song idea by Núñez and the latter is a simple solo acoustic ballad composed by Yavin while on vacation. The band planned this surprise release to coincide with Núñez's birthday,[12] along with a cover art that portrays the socially inept subject of the first song and the dreary climate of the other. As agreed to by the band's leaders, this song was not released on Scratch.[13]

One of the many great things about Frozen Coco is that we always come up with new, innovative ideas. We were the first band of its kind, the first online rock band of its nature to release an EP and so on. Similarly, the A and B side idea was one I had, which I thought would be great for one of our releases. I think these two songs complement each other marvelously, so it did indeed turn out to be a fitting idea in the end.

– Diyath Yavin, manager

Light Amidst the Fog/If We Never See the Light

"Light Amidst the Fog" / "If We Never See the Light"

"Light Amidst the Fog/If We Never See the Light" is the second double single by Frozen Coco, released on December 12, 2012 in interest of the 12.12.12 phenomenon. Both songs were piano ballads written by Diyath Yavin. For the first time in Frozen Coco's recording history, only two of the band's artists performed on the songs, an all-time low. This move came about since the rest of the band were unavailable at the point of production, so Núñez and Yavin recorded the two songs. The concept for the cover art was purposely left simple, as the management duo agreed to deviate from the rather intricate styles of their previous releases, without any mention of the band name either, nor any production notes.[14] The songs were made available for streaming on popular music websites, and it was confirmed upon release that, following a major miscommunication to do with the management of Scratch that was not resolved, none of the band's later work would be released on the site.



The last single from Frozen Coco's first album, "Ellipsis", was released on January 25, 2013, coinciding with Diyath Yavin's birthday. The song was written by Yavin circa two years before the release. Within minutes of its release on various online music websites, the track received generally positive feedback from the public.[15] In contrast to the previous single release (which consisted of a dominant piano sound), "Ellipsis" comprises bass, rhythm and lead guitars, resulting in a classic western rock ballad. The single was produced around August 2012 and was pending release for months[16], although the basic tune of the song itself had been composed over two years prior to the date. The cover art depicts a series of dots representing the figure of speech, "ellipsis", providing a more literal meaning to the title of the single. However, the intended allegory explores the hindered narrator of the song in the aftermath of a relationship.

Frozen Coco

After nearly five months of no releases, Frozen Coco debuted their first full-length album on June 23, 2013. The band members used "different techniques than before while recording"[17], in order to improve on the quality of the tracks in comparison with previous releases. Furthermore, many instrumental sections for songs were improvised, which enabled each player to add their own creative renditions. On this day, the band officially launched their YouTube account. The eponymous 14 track album celebrated the band's two year anniversary, and contained nine previously unheard originals:

Frozen Coco
"Encroaching Meadows" (Yavin)
Despite being the first track on the album, this song was the last to be composed in early March[18], with its lead guitar track arriving just eight days before the album release. The much varied song structure, along with its riff reminiscent chord progression, convinced the band that the song would be an ideal opener.
"Waiting So Long" (Núñez)
Although the composition of this song was done by Núñez, after penning the first verse, the rest of the lyrics of the song were handed over to Yavin for completion. For the guitar chorus, a distorted amp simulator was applied to the rhythm track, a technique not used in this manner before.
"These Erstwhile Walls" (Yavin)
Yavin’s picking pattern, accompanied by Hambra’s rhythm punch segment, was laid out to produce a smooth and melancholic tone to fit the theme of the song. Reportedly, this song required many mixes before its final production, with many alterations to instrument tones and demos created in the run-up to the album's release.[19]
"Out of the Possible" (Núñez)
(see above)
"Green Country Home" (Hambra)
This is Hambra’s sole composition for the band and is the only track by the band to feature a different lead vocalist and harmonist. It was also the first song that was submitted for each instrumentalist to improvise in laissez-faire manner.
"Flashback" (Slomba)
This song was Slomba’s second recorded song for the band and is a simple blues rock song, similar to the style of his previous work.
"If We Never See the Light" (Yavin)
(see above)
"It Had to Go Away" (Núñez)
Initially written as a light piano ballad, Núñez’s composition was transformed as Hambra improvised a power chord rhythm guitar track, adding more weight to the song. The song is the only one by the band to feature a bass solo and it also contains some falsetto vocal segments.
"Light Amidst the Fog" (Yavin)
(see above)
"Blissful Rapture" (Yavin-Núñez)
Interestingly, this song was intended to be a double-A single release along with "Ellipsis", and written primarily by Yavin as a duet for a male and female vocalist. The verse and chorus of the song were written by Yavin, and then presented to Núñez who added the bridge and coda segment for the ending guitar solo.[20]
"This Jar" (Núñez)
Núñez originally planned to give this song for the band’s featured vocalist to sing, but later took over vocal duties. The lyrics were partly written by Núñez, who expressed that he wanted to write something different to what the band had discussed in their lyrics before, encompassing the subject of drugs and alcohol. Yavin was consulted to complete the rest of the lyrics, and it was then that the jar imagery was implemented into the song.
"Early December" (Yavin)
(see above)
"Ellipsis" (Yavin)
(see above)
"7700" (Yavin)
This simplistic three chord song idea was written by Yavin for the sole purpose of experimenting with orchestral arrangements and several instrument overdubs.[21] It features an intricate orchestral segment that was intended to set the stage for the band’s next album, which reportedly would have made much more use of orchestra throughout several songs. However, all plans for the next album were terminated following the group's disbandment.

Liars and Thieves

"Liars and Thieves"

"Liars and Thieves", released October 5, 2013, is the sixth single release by Frozen Coco, and the first to be written by Luke Slomba. The song revolves around a clanging piano riff, and is encumbered with distorted guitars which make up the rhythm section. Only Yavin and Slomba perform on this song, as the rest of the band decided to take a hiatus following the release of their previous album. It also is the first song to be accompanied with a music video, an idea that was in consideration by the band for a long time.[22] In the video, Yavin can be seen enacting a thief, while the rest of the montage consists of clips of the two performers playing their instruments. This is intended as a jab at the title, which deals with a darker literal sense. The cover art was designed by Yavin and is the only artwork to feature images of any of the band members.

The Valediction

"The Valediction"

"The Valediction" by Diyath Yavin, released December 27, 2013, is the seventh single and formally the last release by Frozen Coco. Shortly after the release of their debut album in summer 2013, the band members gradually lost interest, leaving Yavin as the sole active member. The decision to recall Mari Smith for one last performance was made for the purpose of completing a “full circle”, in Yavin’s words, with reference to how the band initially started out with a female vocalist.[23] Similarly, the hand-drawn cover art is an intended prod at the hand-sketched artwork of the first Frozen Coco release.[24] This song is said to have been composed by Yavin entirely on an online music notation editor (the only Frozen Coco song exclusively written using this method).[25] Afterwards, he recorded the piano track to the song; the composition and recording process took just one day, and the song was written specifically to serve as the band’s concluding track. The song was accompanied by a lyric video, following on from the last debut music video release. It consists of a montage of photos Yavin photographed while on vacation at a residential estate. An official Facebook account was launched along with the release, with the aim of extending the band’s legacy to more social media users. Yavin’s concluding declaration is given below:

After the somewhat abrupt muteness of the other band members without prior affirmation, I thought it best to terminate the band, as it is apparent that we all have moved on to our own interests. I wished to conclude in a manner that made it seem that the band had gone a full circle from start to finish, which is where the idea of recruiting a female singer (with whom I had collaborated before) came from. The goal was to keep this simple with regard to the instruments used; I would revert back to my initial job description for the band as the pianist, while also attempting to showcase the development in musicianship. The result is a bit of a melancholic farewell, and I do hope that this concluding track has proved an unusual but fitting swansong for the rock group.

– Diyath Yavin, manager


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