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[big]Basic Information[/big] Hello! A couple of members of the Scratch Wiki Editors need your input on which extensions you feel deserve an article. The following are a list of your choices. [b]Please keep in mind that we do not endorse any of these or say they are safe.[/b] [b]This is not an advertisement either.[/b] [big]Voting Rules[/big] Please select [b]2[/b] and only 2 of the following extensions to see which you feel deserve an article. [b]Type the number of the Extensions that you would like an article on[/b]. Please make sure to read all of the information provided and educate yourself on these extensions before voting. [b]All statistics are listed from the time of this posting, downloaded from Google Chrome.[/b] Once we have the community input, the Wiki Editors will decide on extensions to add. [big]Choices[/big] [list=1] [*][b]IsOnline v2[/b] - IsOnline v2 was created by the users World_Languages, chooper100, and jokebookservice1. The extension is meant to help tell if a user is on Scratch at the current time. The official site for this extension is https://aremyfriends.online/ . You may download this extension from the Chrome Web Store at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/isonline/pabjccjpgemijhffgnaamebfbcnalghj . Google Chrome Web Store states that this extension has 923 users. It may have more from being downloaded from other web stores. [*][b]Scratch Messaging Extension[/b] - Scratch Messaging Extension was created by the user griffpatch, and allows users to check their messages even when not on Scratch. It can be downloaded from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scratch-messaging-extensi/fbeffbjdlemaoicjdapfpikkikjoneco . Currently 2733 users from the Google Chrome store. [*][b]Scratch Device Plugin Helper[/b] - This extension was created by the Scratch Team to allow for hardware connection for Scratch on Chrome. It has 45942 users on the Chrome store. It can be downloaded at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scratch-device-plugin-hel/clmabinlolakdafkoajkfjjengcdmnpm . [*][b]FPC Notifier[/b] - Created by the user chooper100 notifies users of the current and next FPC(s). It can be downloaded from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fpc-notifier/idlkmohahmhohogdmdkjfnibkakgkcii , with 178 users. [*][b]List Following/Followers[/b] - This web page, created by chooper100, allows users to create a list of who they are following and their followers. It can be found by selecting List Following or List Followers from https://scratchtools.tk/ . [*][b]Random Quote[/b] - Created by chooper100 is a piece of BBCode that gets placed in signatures to display a random quote every time the page is reloaded. It can be found from clicking on the FPC Notifier tab at https://scratchtools.tk/ . [*]Image Scanner - Uploads an image into a Scratch readable format, created by chooper100. Click on Image Scanner from https://scratchtools.tk/ . [*][b]Scratch User Stats[/b] - Scratch User Stats was created by the user World_Languages and is a webpage where users can view statistics for any user on Scratch. The official website is at https://scratchuserstats.blogspot.com/ . [/list]