when green flag clicked
say [Hello, this is my profile!] for (2) seconds
ask [Do you like it?] and wait
if <(answer) = [yes]> then
say [Yay!] for (2) seconds
say [Aww, man...] for (2) seconds

Some cool things I found

You can make your own custom Scratch blocks by adding two colons and a category at the end!
open [CoolPenguin10]'s [profile v]::control
will end up being

open [CoolPenguin10]'s [profile v]::control

These are the categories:

More Blocks::custom

motion looks sound events control extension sensing operators variables custom grey obsolete

Some stuff I wish would happen on Scratch

I wish you could revert to Scratch 2.0 or 1.4 without having to download the offline editors. I don't like how the fullscreen in 3.0 is laggy for some reason. I wish there was a way to change the colors of the blocks. I don't like the blue-gray of the sensing blocks.

ask [What is your name?] and wait

About me

My YouTube channel name is [WUT] Adam. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit as wutadamyt.

follow [wutadamyt] on [Instagram v]::looks
follow [wutadamyt] on [Twitter v]::sensing
follow [wutadamyt] on [Reddit v]::obsolete

Some custom blocks I made

Note: none of these actually exist. These are just my imagination.
1. Not equal, at least, at most, true, false

<() ≠ ()::operators>
<() ≤ ()::operators>
<() ≥ ()::operators>

2. Set text, color, font family, etc.

set text to [Hello world!]::looks
set color to [#FF0000]::looks
set font size to [18px]::looks
set font family to [sans serif v]::looks
set font style to [bold v]::looks

3. Variable for key pressed

(last key pressed::sensing)

4. ElseIf block

if <true::operators> then {
some code::looks
} else if <false::operators> then {
some code::motion
} end::control

5. Go to Link

go to [wwww.scratch.com]::control