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I hope you like my styling and topbar. If you would like me to create webpages, user pages and graphics etc. for you please ask on my talk page or comment on my scratch account.
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I am comp500
I like computers
I have made about 356 edits
Scratch Cat-cropped.png 3+ years
I have been on scratch for over 3 years
Hot Chocolate!
I like Chocolate.

My Status: (Full Status)
Yay its the Holidays. and its actually time to finally update my status.

I am comp500. For a nickname, call me comp, or for a short 'tradename' use c5. :P Despite my Scratch Wiki name, I prefer to be called comp500, not Comp500.

I am an amateur developer experienced in many languages like Javascript, PHP, HTML5, Lua, Visual Basic and last but not least Scratch.
I am not always that active but occasionally come on to update statuses and work on projects.
Be warned that I often forget about/stop developing projects.

You might also find me on: Github, BitBucket and the ComputerCraft Wiki. If anyone finds any others ask on my talk page: although PMing me on Github/Commenting on my Scratch profile is generally more reliable.