Pressing forward


Welcome to my page! שלום עליכם!

I am an intermediate scratcher, who wants to help add to this wiki and keep it nice and tidy.


I joined Scratch in January, 2013. I joined and my first attempt at something was using the default art to make a starfish that gets popped by the scratch cat if you steer the cat into him.

After that, i decided i was going to actually try to make a real game. So, i made target practice on the range, with loads of help from sonicfan12p and ErnieParke.

Well, after that, i started to make the MBM series.

Well, then i made Never Stop, a terrible never ending run game.

Some time around there, i joined Northern Lights Collaboration(In header).

Later, i made two arcade games(yet to be released) with NL, and then i made my good project, Engine Center.

I made my Wiki request on July 26, and was excepted a few hours later.

On September 10th, 2013 I made Dream your Design, a remixing art deal.

I am also the founder of Particle Generators

I Made Jumper, the mini action game on the 6th of Oct, 2013.

I madeBirds, the arcade game on the 11th of Oct.,2013.

I released MBM challenge on the 11th of Nov., 2013.

On the 7th of Nov, I made the studio Multilingual Scratch, which was featured 4 days later.

On December 14th, I made the first of many logos for other scratchers. View them here.

I left on the 1st of January, 2014. View my goodbye project.


I am planning to no longer use scratch soon, so i want to contribute to the Wiki before i do so that i can pass along the tips that i have learned/been taught in my time on scratch.

MBM Challenge is released!

My articles

My favorite articles

Note Note: None of these are mine, as really no article is anyone's here.
  1. Detecting Clones.
  2. Detecting Turbo Mode.

My Great Projects

Great programming Resources

These resources so far have helped me.

Templates that might be useful

Templates... Oh, i just love them.

The Programming Languages I Can Do

  • Some Java(learning)
  • Scratch - Best.
  • CSS - Second best.
  • HTML - Third best.
  • jQuery (Would need a refresher)
  • Javascript(learning)

All of these, with the exception of scratch, i would need a good library for.

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