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This is a list of articles that need reorganising/rewriting as 2.0 is released. Feel free to add new pages, or remove them once they're done.

Suggested Guidelines

These are only my suggestions; they're intended to provoke discussion. Comments are welcome.

Articles about 2.0

For articles that describe the current state of Scratch and are still applicable, or are specific to version 2.0:

  • Remove "2.0" from the title.
  • Replace "Scratch 2.0" with "Scratch" (unless it's a comparison between versions!).
  • Remove mentions of "alpha" or "beta" or "after 2.0 release", where they're no longer needed.
  • Change past tense to present tense, where applicable.

If the article is specifc to 2.0 and there's a corresponding 1.4 page:

  • Make a redirect from [article name plus "(2.0)"] to the new name.
  • Add {{other version|2.0|1.4}} if there's a corresponding 1.4 page.

Short information about 1.4

For short sections describing the same thing in Scratch 1.4, which aren't long enough for a whole article: add a section at the bottom of the 2.0 article under the heading "History".

Longer articles about 1.4

For articles describing obsolete features, that have been removed or changed in 2.0:

  • Move to a separate article, with the same title plus "(1.4)".
  • Change present tense to past tense, where applicable.
  • Add {{other version|1.4|2.0}} to the top of the article, to link to the corresponding 2.0 page.
  • Tag with Category:Scratch 1.4.

Removed in 2.0


"Most people coming to the page for the first time won't know anything about versions of Scratch (or even how to tell what version they are working with.) I think it makes sense to provide them with a pointer based on versions, as the template does, but not as the first thing they see when they start reading the article."
So I think we don't want to confuse new users; ideally they shouldn't have to know which version they're using.


Move to #Done when they're finished.

May need doing

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Articles that are done. Add to the bottom; use the new name if applicable.