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Do you want to welcome new users to the wiki with an awesome welcome template, but don't know how to make one and don't want to go through the process of learning how to make one? I have you covered! This template is an easy way to make your own cool welcome message without having to have any experience with coding a welcome template.

How to make it

Here's the syntax:

{{User:Bigpuppy/PW|border color=BORDER COLOR|image=YOUR LOGO|username=YOUR USERNAME|text color=TEXT COLOR|font=FONT|message=YOUR MESSAGE|credit=YES OR NO}}

Let's go through it step by step.

  1. border color -- This could be purple, green, black, orange, any color that the wiki allows. It changes what color the outside border of the welcome template is. (Make sure to not use capital letters!)
  2. image -- This is usually your logo. Upload your logo to the wiki at Special:Upload. After you've uploaded it, inside here put your FILENAME.SUFFIX (Do not put File: or [[ ]] like you would normally.) If you don't put "image=" in there it defaults to the Scratch Wiki Globe (useful for if you don't have a logo).
  3. username -- This one is easy, just enter your username! Make sure to use proper capitalization (use your wiki username, not your regular Scratch username), so if I was using this I'd enter "Bigpuppy".
  4. text color -- This is like border color but it's the color of the text. Enter the name of any color the wiki allows, and don't use capital letters.
  5. font -- This is kind of tricky because there aren't many fonts that the wiki allows. If you want to find out which you can use, you can look it up.
  6. message -- In here, type whatever you want! (If you're welcoming new users, though, you'll probably want to say something relating to that. :P)
  7. credit -- The best part about this is you don't have to give me credit! However, if you are feeling nice I do really appreciate it, since I worked really hard on coding this template. I made it easy for you to give credit (if you'd like). Just enter "yes" or "no" (no capital letters) into this space. If you say yes, when you hover your mouse over the template it will say "Welcome Template Powered by Bigpuppy." This defaults to credit, so if you say something other than yes or no it will give me credit. (The credit thing could change at some point)

And that's it! I recommend you try out your code on the Sandbox before welcoming new users with it to ensure everything worked correctly, and it looks like you want it to. When putting it on new users' talk pages, make sure to put ~~~~ after your code (that signs your post), so people know who's welcoming them.

By the way, it automatically says "Welcome to the Scratch Wiki, (Username of person you're sending the template to)!" at the top.


Here are some examples of welcome templates. You can look at them if you're having trouble using this. You'll see the code and then the template it made.

Example 1

{{User:Bigpuppy/PW|border color=green|image=Bigpuppy Logo.png|username=Bigpuppy|text color=purple|font=Georgia|message=Hi friend! Welcome to the wiki! I really hope you have fun here! If you ever need help, feel free to contact me on my [[User talk:Bigpuppy|talk page]]! <br/>Thank you, bigpuppy|credit=yes}}

Bigpuppy Logo.png

Welcome to the Scratch wiki, Bigpuppy!

Hi friend! Welcome to the wiki! I really hope you have fun here! If you ever need help, feel free to contact me on my talk page!
Thank you, bigpuppy

Example 2

{{User:Bigpuppy/PW|border color=black|username=Example User|text color=green|font=Helvetica|message=hi.|credit=no}}

Wiki icon.png

Welcome to the Scratch wiki, Bigpuppy!


Example 3

{{User:Bigpuppy/PW|border color=red|image=Reminder text with lightning.png|username=Bigpuppy|text color=red|font=Helvetica|message=Alert Alert Alert Alert|credit=I'm not going to say "yes" or "no" hahahahahahaha}}

Reminder text with lightning.png

Welcome to the Scratch wiki, Bigpuppy!

Alert Alert Alert Alert


You've created your own custom welcome template, with the help of my welcome template maker template! :D
If your template doesn't work or you have any questions or comments (or if you want to show me your cool new welcome template), feel free to comment on my talk page here.

Thank you, and have fun with your new custom welcome template! :D