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Welcome to my Userpage!

On the Scratch website, I am mainly active on the forums, but I also sometimes share projects. You can find me at Oreo Shop 2.0 and Gobo's Department Store! (there are more, but I am not going to link five shops on my userpage). I am British, I have an unhealthy obsession with Splatoon 2, and I love cats (especially kittens). I got my Wiki account on 28th June 2020, and it was given to me by the EW (Experienced Wikian) banana439monkey (at least I think they are an EW!). Feel free to contact me on my talk page!

What I've Been Doing

This section is for big (ish) things relating to me on the Wiki.


28th June 2020: I just made a huge edit aaah I'm so happy haha (you can find it here, I added the whole 'Topic Actions' section).


Every day lol: Updating my userpage to make it look good xD.

Me on the Wiki

This section is for smaller things that I've been doing on the Wiki. It is also outdated :P

I am new to the Wiki, so not much. I have, although, done quite a few edits. (I joined the Wiki 28th June 2020!)

Me on Scratch

Well, I've got nothing much to say, apart from my profile is here!

Other Things



bigpuppy (talk | contribs) for telling me how to do internal links.

My userpage is not done yet!