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My duty (on jawiki)

Me not in a nutshell:

  • A boy living in Japan[1]
    • Timezone is JST(UTC+9)[2]
    • If you don't want to calculate the time difference, learn it as "When Ken's awake I'm awake".[3]
  • Speaks Japanese as my native language, and fluent English[4]
    • Can read/write classical Japanese and Chinese
  • I can write Python (3.x, print is a function)[5] and JavaScript
    • I can write C[6] and Ruby[7]
    • I can[8] also write PHP, but I won't use it outside MediaWiki.
    • I used to write (censored).
    • Scratch? of course, here's Scratch Wiki.
    • I know HTML5, CSS, Wikicode, and Markdown. However, I don't count them as a programming language.[9]
    • I can program a bit of Lua and VBA.
  • I edit jawiki (as an admin), enwiki, and testwiki.
    • I am an admin on jawiki: I was asked by Ernie.
    • I am a FTP admin, the second nicest role on jawiki. I was asked by Ken.
  • I once got my account request refused: adding interwiki links won't be a good reason to join this wiki. Be careful!
  • it's a lot of fun without guns[10] and with sales tax[11]
  • I like:
    • Programming language: Python
    • Block-based programming language: Scratch
    • Wiki: Japanese Scratch-Wiki
    • Bureaucrat: Kenny2scratch
    • Sport: None
    • Fruit: apple[12]
    • Keyboard layout: 109 keyboard[13]
  • I stalk RC here, while I made many stalk RC on jawiki.
  • I am the most active on jawiki. Nobody can beat me.
    • I was the most active on enwiki. Ken beat me after a few minutes.
  • I've made some Discord bots and an API client.
    • You know, all are written in Python.

My Pages


  1. Maybe you know my city, but I won't share it here. All I can say is that its population is much larger than Boston's one.
  2. MIT+14 in winter
  3. Hong Kong's time zone is UTC+8 - the difference is only one hour
  4. I prefer American English, since this wiki uses it. However, to travel to Hong Kong, British English is a must.
  5. Anything I write will be in Python, except Internet-related things. Frontend should be done by JS, Backend should be done by Ruby on Rails. I hate Perl.
  6. The weirdest when making things other than file manager
  7. Japanese programmers should know Japanese languages
  8. Or, must. That's the requirement to become a FTP admin.
  9. If I use ParserFunctions without any limitations, I may be able to make it a true programming language.
  10. No guns allowed in Japan
  11. It's 8% now, until next October
  12. But I don't bite myself
  13. This is the standard here.