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This is my sandbox. Here will be some things that I want to create.


Here is a sample script for platforming.

First, make these two variables,


Then insert this script. This can be edited to fit your project.

when green flag clicked
if <key [left arrow v] pressed> then
change [VelocityX v] by (-1)
if <key [right arrow v] pressed> then
change [VelocityX v] by (1)
if <touching color [#006B54]> then
set [VelocityY v] to [1]
if <key [up arrow v] pressed> then
change [VelocityY v] by (12)
set [VelocityX v] to ((VelocityX) * (0.9))

User Interaction

Most games require the user to interact with the project. They can interact by using the mouse, arrow keys, video camera, or by simply having a conversation with the project.


You can use the mouse pointer in many different ways.

When This Sprite Clicked (block)

when this sprite clicked
switch backdrop to [App Screen v]

Create a Wiki Page

Creating a Wiki page can be helpful when an editor finds a needed topic to be written on. There are some pages that a user has rights to own. They are called user pages. For example, a profile page and a talk page. Some can be created for the user's own reasons. For example, a sandbox.

Wiki Page

Go to the search box and type in the page you want to create. If the page has not already been created, you will find a list of results. Check that to make sure your topic has not been covered.

Search your wanted page

Once you are sure of making the page, click a link that allows you to create the page.

Create a page button

You will reach a page similar to the editing page, except it's blank. Here, you can create the page on the topic you had in mind.