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What's cooking? Well, an article for the Scratch Helper Mentoring Committee, as seen below! :)

The current Committee logo.

The Scratch Welcoming Mentoring Committee is a system of mentoring scratchers that have the "New Scratcher" status. The new scratcher will be mentored for up to 1 week. The mentor will answer any of the new scratcher`s questions, get them used to Scratch Culture, and the different aspects of the website.

How to Join

To become a mentor, you must have a project in the Welcoming Committee, and be willing to coach New Scratchers. To join the team, you must ask in the forum or theScratch Helper Mentoring Committee Studio, and be approved by a manager thereof. Scratch Mentors appointed by the Scratch Team are automatically members of the committee if they wish to help out.

How to find someone to mentor

Go to the Scratch Welcoming Committee studio, and find new scratchers. Ask them if they want to be mentored. If yes, ask them when they want the mentoring to start. The mentoring ends a week after the date you started mentoring the user.

How to be the most helpful

  • In all of your interactions, remember to be patient, friendly, and use words that match their experience. Think about what it feels like to be in their shoes (e.g. being new to Scratch, not knowing how to do something, etc.). Please don’t be condescending, there’s no reason for that.
  • Sometimes the first step is to ask if they need help. If it isn’t clear what the problem is, ask them. It may take some back and forth before they can explain what’s wrong - be patient.
  • Some questions have already been answered elsewhere. If there is tutorial project or wiki article that would help the Scratcher with their problem, point them to it. For example, if their question isn’t really about help with Scripts, try to direct them to a more appropriate place; if they need help with art, point them to the Art Request Forum.
  • You may not know how to help with their problem. That’s okay! If you don’t know, feel free to ask your fellow mentors to jump in.
  • When you do decide to dive in and mentor someone - just remember there are multiple ways to help.

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