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The Ultra Player Collaboration, often abbreviated as UPC is a collaboration on the Scratch Forums started and led by @amateurradiogeek15. The collaboration was started on November 28, 2014, and is still active today. As of April 16, 2016, it now has a new thread.

As of January 1, 2016 Ultra Player is the largest collaboration in Scratch history, with over 8,000 posts, and 2 officially released projects, with another on the way.

As of March 25th, 2016, the Ultra Player forum thread is home to over 9,000 posts.[1]

Our Projects

Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns is a new game in progress. It will be a platformer sporting a side-on cave-like view, with multiple side-scrolling levels.

Glacier OS

Glacier OS is a project including several apps. The star of this project is Epichat portable, by @jefferson8, which is a live cloud safe chat, and has been approved by the Scratch Team for use on Scratch. The Chat System includes a whitelist of approximately 125,000 words. The OS also includes Paint, Music, and a special Quiz.

Ultra Player Platformer

Ultra Player Platformer is the first project to be released by UPC. It was planned out by the collab, and was originally a sidescroller. Due to technical difficulties, it was mostly abandoned by the collab at large. However, @makethebrainhappy decided to complete the project and surprise the collab. He did so, and it was officially recognized as the first release of UPC.

Our Members

The current members of Ultra Player Collaboration are as follows:

Active Members


@shoresbeep, aka @Rubixmaster




@makethebrainhappy Alt. Account: @TRImakethebrainhappy










@Critic2100 aka @-Writer-















Retired Members


@Zuwel [Alt Account @Zuweltest] Semi-retired





@night-wave, @NightWave11

@flyingblue also known as @TroyTulowitzki2


  1. https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/post/1873314/