Note Caution: Beware of the Amateur Radio Operator. We're rather radioactive. :P

My First Sandbox

My Current Logo

My Second Sandbox

Welcome to my Scratch Wiki user page!

Hi there! :D I joined the Scratch Wiki on February 11, 2015, and I'll be mostly editing and updating articles here on the Wiki, although I may make a new article here and there as well. ;)

Favorite Quote

"What hath God wrought?" ~Samuel F. B. Morse

How many Wiki editors are there?

There are currently 2,379 editors on the Scratch Wiki! :D

What I did on the main Scratch Website

On Febuary 3, 2016 I became a curator of the @welcomingcommittee Studio! Nothing suits me better than helping a New Scratcher get started! :D I love helping people. :)

Ultra Player Collaboration Logo

I am the creator and was the leader of the Ultra Player Collaboration, which, as of the typing of this edit, is the largest active game making collaboration In Scratch history. :) The collaboration also has a Scratch Wiki page, which can be accessed here.

I loved chatting with people on Scratch, and I try to answer ALL my messages, although that doesn't always work as planned. :P

I liked to just make and occasional simple project just for the fun of it. :) (Who doesn't?)

In case you didn't already get the impression, I am now inactive...

What I do outside of Scratch

I am an Amateur Radio Operator, hence my username, and I love working stations all around the world. Amateur Radio is also abbreviated as HAM radio, so either term works. (no we aren't meat either.)

As a HAM, if the HF band conditions get just right, I can talk to the ISS (International Space Station), as well as bounce signals off of other orbital bodies such as other satellites, or the oldest satellite that earth has. The moon. I haven't done that yet, but it's on my bucket list! :D

Do you think Amateur Radio is neat? Tell me so on my Talk Page! I'd be glad to talk about it with anyone! :P

I play the violin, and have been doing so for 11 years. :)

I love playing in the snow. :) We get lots of it where I live. :)

I love using :) faces. xD

Some Real Life Characteristics

Note Note: This section is a WIP (work in progress)

Crazy, Nerdy, Weird (only occasionally :P). In public I'm quite reserved, not outgoing much, but on places such as Scratch or HAM radio, I can talk all day. Go figure. ;)

I'm a pyromaniac (ok, not really, but I do like fire a lot. I have yet to destroy something though. :D )

I love flying things! I own an RC Plane, as well as three RC Helicopters. :) (What I don't have to tell you, is that only one of them functions properly - no, not due to any awful piloting skills on my part, and the one which works has a virtually dead battery. :P)

I have an aversion to getting up early...

I love going to bed late, but that never helps the above....

I have taught several online classes about can refer to me as a professor now. ;)

I'm homeschooled. :D

I work at a local Hardware Store, where I mainly repair people's screens and windows and such... I love the work. :)

As of May 2017, all of the above is still accurate, except that I am no longer homeschooled. I'm now in what you could call the Real World - I mean - The School of Life...

Favorite Quotes

What hath God Wrought? ~ Samuel F. B. Morse

I drew I SPOODER! ~ ZLGames

More to be added later.....

73! (radio term for Best Regards!)
Amateurradiogeek15 (talk | contribs) 18:36, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

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