He's studying lots of time, so possibly he is not active now.

I love my country!



I am awake!

Hi!I'm ahmetlii.I can add something to here,but
Note Warning: PLEASE,DON'T QUESTION ABOUT MY PERSONAL INFORMATION AND DON'T EDIT THIS PAGE!(If you are a stalker or somehow try to find my address,I'll call the police and you'll be a spagetti)
Thank you.

My timezone:UTC+03.00

Why did I in the Scratch?

I wanted to learn a programming language,so I searched from Google and I saw Scratch.I downloaded Scratch to my computer,but I just learnt to how will I use Scratch.But a day,I was in Computer Science[1] Course,I needed Scratch for Science Fair in my school and I made first big game with my friends [2] and then,I never quitted from Scratch.(without summer vacations :P )

Now I'm Making

  • School stuffs(projects,homeworks,quizes and exams - Level end boss :) - )
  • Try to learn programming languages
  • The Turkish Scratch Wiki and this wiki

My Statistics in Scratch Main Page

Featured Projects=0 Featured Studios=0 Projects Curated by ()=0 Scratch Design Studio -()=2 What the Community is Remixing=0 What the Community is Loving=0 My other statistics may be found at here.

Random Stuffs About Me

  • I'm a hypermetrope[3]
  • World.png Turkey, Asia,Europe
  • Taco emoji.png - "Tacos are delicious,but this user hasn't eaten a taco already. :P"
  • I dislike almost all of computer games,but I can't say I never played computer games :)
  • My computer:[4]
    • Computer:Inspiron 5521(Dell)
    • Processor:Intel Core i5-3337U(Third gen) CPU@1.80G
    • RAM:8 GB
    • Display card:2 GB AMD HD 8730M Graphics
    • OS:Windows 10[5]
  • I'm not too old(For example;I'm a little bit of younger than Kenny2scratch)

What I Like

  • Mantı and meatballs[6]
  • Playing chess
  • Reading journals and books about science and history

I know...

Programming and Computer Languages


  • Scratch(absolutely)


  • Wikitext
  • C++ (Arduino)[7]
  • App Inventor[7]


  • CSS


  • node.js
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Python 3

Other Stuffs

  • How to I send a SOS signal in Morse code
  • What is Pythagoras theorem
  • World history(I'm really good at that,but I prefer my nearby geography's history)
  • Their flags and capital towns of all countries
  • Mirror write and send encoded texts
  • English and a little bit of another languages[8]
  • Some physics things(photoelectric etc.)

Coming soon... (I'm tired today -actually all weekdays- :P )


  1. (I agree,I didn't translate right.Full name is "Information Technology and Program")
  2. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/223843374/
  3. From I was born,I'm using glasses.(hypermetrope:I have a bad sight when I look at the close)
  4. Sometimes,I use my tablet.
  5. Actually my computer was Windows 8 and it has some errors in Windows 10.(because my computer didn't design for Windows 10 and laptop parts are so expensive;also I can't change my computer's parts)
  6. mantı:A round dough ball inside meat;you can think like meatball and dim sum
  7. a b I tried to make a autonomous toy car with these(because I didn't make in the Science Fair,we didn't have time for coding) and I wrote codes,but codes had a problem but I didn't see where are issues because I didn't find car parts and others are too expensive,so I have frozen my project,but I will make this another day.
  8. I want to learn German or French