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Credit to jvvg for originally starting this.

April Fools' Rules

  • Any Wiki contributor is allowed to edit these pages and create new ones
  • Although the Wiki Guidelines about encyclopedia-quality content (e.g. factual accuracy, citing sources, notability, etc.) do not apply, the Scratch Community Guidelines still do apply. This means (specifically) that you are required to be respectful to everyone (if in doubt, ask).
    • This also means that you should not edit war. If you disagree about something, please have a reasoned discussion as you would have about a real article. If you need any third-party advice, you can always use the Community Portal or ask an admin for help.
  • This is under my userspace, so I reserve the right to remove any content for any reason.
    • This means that you do NOT own any page you created. I have the right to alter or delete it, and others still have the right to edit it, though there are limits as detailed below.
  • While you are welcome to add to the pages others have created, do not replace the main idea without either getting permission from the original creator or having a bunch of other editors agree that the new one is better.
  • Please try to avoid reusing themes too much - the theme here is just absurdity, nothing more specific
  • If something has the {{stub}} template on it, it's actually a stub, it's not just a joke

The Article List

Here are the April Fools articles for the Scratch Wiki this year: