Hello there, Scratchers and fellow Wikians!

It's 8bitjake here, and I'm now a Wikian myself! I love playing video games, especially UNDERTALE and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Much like literally everyone else on the earth, I'm having a bad time in quarantine. *Megalovania starts playing in the background...
This is my daily life:

My daily life: ::events hat cat
In the morning ::events
I get out of bed:: motion
I don't even bother to get dressed:: looks
I turn on my PC ::custom
I open up YouTube to listen to the amazing Undertale soundtrack ::music
I open up Scratch ::control
And, for (5) hours...{
I make projects! ::grey
}Then... ::custom
I'm still listening to Undertale 🤣 ::music
Then, at night...::events
I am <not <asleep! ::sensing>> ::operators
Then I am... 😟 ::events cap

So, thinking about giving me a follow? Go ahead!