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Hello Welcome to My Sandbox

Welcome to my Sandbox :D. This is where you can see what I'm working on. This
is where I can fl free to spk in slng and jrgn. Pretty much all my ideas for page edits are below. You may edit my sandbox too!!! Just put in what you think should be there for yourself :D. Spelling errors feel free to correct. Unless, I
intentionally spelled something incorrectly.

Variables and how they can be associated with Boolean Variables

Take this Example:

if <<mouse down> = (Bool)> Then // Mouse Down can be anything. I just used this as an example because If I used (...) It would be gray and could appear as anything.

Check if a boolean is equal to a variable rather than checking if a boolean is equal to a set value. Both values can change. This, even though it is fascinating, does not have a lot of use. An example is listed below.

Ex. [1]
(If you have uses for this please list them below in the ideas here area.)

Parallel List

A Parallel List is a list that corresponds with another. :D Take this example:
Name = Joe, Tom, Bill
Points = 10, 13, 66

The use of this usually involves a variable.


Which can usually be used like this...

set [i v] to (1)
repeat (length of [name v])
say (join (item (i) of [name v])(join ['s score is ](join(item (i) of [points v])[!!!])))
change [i v] by (1)
wait (1) secs
say [] 

Put idea inputs here :D

What you want to add. This can include code, anything. Leave this format here for others. :D Don't forget to add your tag. Because your giving me you're input we can compare each other's ways and find out the best way to do the given goal.