About Me

Hello. I'm 300141. I'm a cool guy. I have a sister. She is on scratch. But, not on Wiki. I'm Illuminati. I promise. I live in America. America is a large country. I've never been outside of it. I have however been to other states. I've been to Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. Just to name a few. I'm an excellent coder. Be my friend. :D

My Scratch Story

My Scratch Story starts around 2014. I got in at my Advanced Digital Communications class. My username is my school networking username. Since then I am active on scratch and I love it. If you happen to run into my early projects please don't make fun of me!!! lol. :D

Academic Team

I've been on the academic team for four years. It's fun and I think everyone should do it. The guy in the tan jacket is me. We actually had a very good year this year. :D Team.jpg

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