Hey there. Obviously, my username is 290Scratcher and I am a sort of new wiki editor. I live in the United Kingdom and have been Scratching for over two years. That's it.

About me

Well I'm just another ordinary person. That's it. I'm usually on the main Scratch website (on my main account) but I still check the wiki. I have over 15 accounts[1] and don't usually use a lot of them. The only ones I really use are 290Scratcher (this one) and 291Scratcher (my alt). My message record is 45 (because that one unspoken project that gave me 25 of those). I joined Scratch on November 5th 2015 and joined the wiki on September 16th 2017.
My logo since November 2nd 2017, made by @Another-Cough-Person. Thank you!
Warning Warning: I'm annoying.


My favourites are...

  • Video game – VVVVVV (especially the level editor)
  • TV Show – Milo Murphy's Law
  • Colour – Blue
  • Creepypasta – None. Definitely none.
  • Video game character – Chief Verdigris (from VVVVVV)
  • Animal – Platypus
  • Book – Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway
  • Book series – Tom Gates
  • Song – I'm not sure

Things I like to do

I like to...

  • Do computer stuff
  • Read[2]
  • Daydream about stuff when I go shopping and there's nothing that really interests me.
  • Go on the internet
  • Various stuff


Some of my secrets are...

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  1. Am I the only person who thinks it's fun to make a ton of accounts?
  2. I mean who doesn't like reading?