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Hello! I am a active scratcher in the community! I am 13, a male. Currently living in Hong Kong! (Although my scratch account is set to USA xD ). I am a open minded, hard working Chinese American! Feel free to talk to me and check my stuff out :D

My hobbies are as listed:

~Video Games


~Programming in Java, HTML, CSS and occasional C++

~Graphics Design

~Much more!


I am a long time scratcher, having almost 6 years combined on scratch over different accounts. My alternative account is -vute-, and my old account (VERY OLD) is scratchyheroes.

On scratch I enjoy creating a wide range of different types of projects, although my content has varied throughout the time I am on scratch. I am currently focused on making enjoyable games, although I still make animations and miscellaneous projects.

I enjoy the community on scratch very much, and I have no intentions on leaving soon!


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Credit to --WaterFall-- For inspiration on how to make this User Page :D

-chute- (talk | contribs) 10:07, 19 April 2018 (UTC)-chute-