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Scratch News Giga.png This isn't a real wiki page, Just a guide subpage made by -Vuton- who asks you to not edit this page without his permission.

Are you a new user who was exploring my subpages and wanted to make one for yourself? Well, you're In luck, Because in this guide I will be showing you how to do so!

First, Go to your browser address bar and replace my username (-Vuton-) with your username. Then replace the part that says "How_to_create_a_subpage" with that you want your page to be called. Click enter and a new page will appear! At the end of the paragraph on that page, click the blue text the says "edit this page" and you will be taken to a blank editor screen where you can enter what you want. When you save this page you will have created your own subpage with content on it!

I hope you found this simple guide helpful. if you did, let me know on my Talk Page and I will make more.

See more of my pages here!

Keep on scratching!

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