About Me πŸ‘‹

I'm a web developer & designer, and an admin on the Hungarian Wiki.

What I do on the wiki's πŸ‘

  • Clean-up grammar on pages.
  • Compress and crop files.
  • Help the newer wikians.
  • Fix stuff that Banana breaks.

Contact Me πŸ“ž

Leave me a message on my Talk Page or Scratch Profile. If you somehow find me on an external service, feel free to say hi.

Random Quotes πŸ“œ

β€œ that's thingy thingy thing ”

– Banana

β€œ gordon ramsay is life ”

– Drunken

β€œ Storage Almost Full ”

– iOS

β€œ How does one eat tea? ”

– jvvg

β€œ I want to create an anti-procrastination club, but I'll do that tomorrow ”

– Also Drunken